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Matthew's Dungeons of the Unforgotten


A tribute to Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven made during Global Game Jam 2018.

You can listen to the soundtrack here!

Matthew Gatland, Sergio Cornaga & Chimeratio
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Cobalt Carousel


Cobalt Carousel is an innovative dungeon crawler using the plastic engine. Sweet beats ride while defeating monsters, overcoming avalanches, and trying to figure out why mankind shape-shifts into dreadful. The map is actually on top of a zoomed in blue version of the carousel in question, and it is your mission to escape. Not too much plot involved, just grinding and unwinding on the creepy crawlers of this dungeon.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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Hunt for the Golden Apple


A short, nonsensical dungeon crawler with randomized dungeons and a turn-based battle system. Made in a weekend in RPG Maker VX.

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