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Atomic Frisbee Shack


In this adventure you have frisbee and you uhh, are outside. It's a really interactive adventure and like you talk to some guy who talks in a certain hue. I can't give much away because it would be spoilery, but you shuldn't spend too much time with this one.. Includes rotoscope, voice acting, a stellar soundtrack with one song that probably won't loop before you're done with the game, multiple endings, and lack of a title screen/menu, though i think you might be able to save/load but for what reason? oh yeah there's a log viewer, like 3 or 4 different characters. The tags give too much spoiler already so i'm being soo vague here. ENJOY and this game is ERI eXtree/\/\.

edit: I just realized I entered this into the default latest contest and it's "off topic" if that's even possible. If there are no objections of this qwop adventure I'll keep it the way it is and everyone enjoy the power of novelty.

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Oh Man Go Time Gaiden: BUT WHO WAS DRUGS? (Knytt Stories (Incomplete))


Well, it turns out I couldn't finish Oh Man Go Time Gaiden by the end of the Kart, so have this nice demo that'll whet your appetite while hopefully not giving away too many surprises. I don't know how accessible this is to people who haven't played the "Oh Man Go Time" series, but most of the stuff you need to know is contained in the intro. I swear, I swear I'll finish this (in fact I'll probably edit the finished version onto this page).

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