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Daughetr Of The Frog Giant

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My first Knytt Stories Game. Game Jams are so helpful to me. It makes me execute something rather than just testing indefinitely.

Also, She wasn't intended to be able to run. I kept deselecting the run ability in "Set Start Pos" but it never took.

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Springy Sproingy


Finished version of Healy's "Springy Spoingy" Knytt Stories level. It's a level about bouncing on flowers. In fact almost the entire level is covered in bouncy flowers. If you're good enough you can even bounce all the way to the end without touching the floor!

Environmental, with a few challenge segments. There's an optional bounce challenge that, when completed, gives you a special item.

I feel like this is a bit linear, and my rock formations are nowhere near as extravagant as Healy's. I'm also concerned I don't have enough bouncing action near the end. Still, I'm satisfied with it overall, especially with how I found different ways to incorporate bouncing into gameplay.

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Oh Man Go Time Gaiden: Gaiden


A spin-off based on a few of the rooms in Healy's Oh Man Go Time Gaiden, which was itself a spin-off of my level Oh Man Go Time. Angry Sonata, also by Healy, was another source of inspiration.

Basically, I wanted to submit three games in a row with gaiden in the title.

Special thanks to Fabien Porée's mysterious friend for making the data corrupter I used for some of the graphics.

Originally made for Klik of the Month Klub #57, but transplanted into Pirate Kart V.

Sergio Cornaga
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I'm not much for coding, so I figured I would create a Knytt Stories level based upon the logo design of a website I work for. I'm trying to learn pixel art as well and since Knytt is great for that, I've made this simple maze game with multiple heroes positioned throughout.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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