Flower Bubble Game!!!


This grotesque abomination is the epitome of all that is wrong with the world. I can't believe I made this. It will gnaw away at your soul until there is nothing left but an empty, shattered shell, and then replace it with pink ponies. I made this game for a particularly giddy ex-girlfriend, whom I then broke up with on the basis that she actually liked it. If you load this game up, you will regret it for the rest of your life. You have been warned.

This is a simple flower-picking game designed to eat up your free time. I don't really know what genre this falls under. Simplified farming simulator? We'll go with that.

There might be bugs. In fact, I'd be amazed if there weren't, because testing for bugs requires actually playing the game, and playing the game makes me want to claw my frontal lobe out. If you encounter anything game-breaking, just consider yourself fortunate that the universe deigned to conspire to end your gameplay session before you went mad.

Pick flowers
Blow bubbles
Sell flowers
Talk to the shopkeeper behind the counter every day

Made For: 
An event
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