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Balloon Away

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A simple balloon app.

Pop the balloons while trying to get the highest combo.

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Mothers Day Game


A holiday game card using crayon style graphics and sound effects recorded by my three daughters.

Cheaper than an actual card or flowers. (A lot more work)

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Extreme Fishing


Insane fishing action! Kill fishes and get meat, but be careful with hazardous obstacles! Can you get enough meat to satisfy Poseidon and reach the top on the online highscores?

- Online highscores! Register your name as the deadliest fisherman in the world!
- Punk Piranhas! Gentlefishes! Spartan Swordfishes! EIGHT different kinds of fishes to hunt down!
- Use harpoons, torpedoes and even LASERS! A total of 31 COMBOS!

Leonardo Millan & João Zanini
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