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Barista Statement


Barista Statement by nilson carroll

- take everyone's orders on the river lethe
- don't mess up. you literally have one chance
- take orders from dynamic npcs (just like irl)

- - -

maybe like a ten (10) minute barista puzzle (?)
made for coffee jam over on itch. original idea
based on something i said in class and everyone
laughed (?)


"play by your own runes" - nilson

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An event
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super security protocol


Oh no GLorious Trainwrekcs is under a ddos threat! Hide your smartwatches kids! Will Juni be able to ward off the hacker?????? in this Knytt Stories level?

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An event
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October 2015


Sequel to January 2015 loosely based on embellishments about TotalBummer's life during October 2015 and not during October 2015 and real world events.

[Mouse Click] - advance dialogue
[W, A, S, D] - moves character
[Space] - interact with doors, people, and other objects
[>] - go to the next day
[<] - go to the previous day
[P] - password enter
(enter "Oct" and date
number to go to different
days, ex. Oct25, or Oct9)

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An event

Ckoffeee Drinkerrrz

Ckoffeee Drinkerrz.png

Wake up. Pour coffee. Tilt cup towards face. Open face. Don't burn your face 10 times.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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