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You are a Blob! (a SoftSoft Twine game)

This year I decided to enter Ectocomp, a yearly Halloween competition hosted by someone in the IF community (yes, I know this overlaps with the IF Comp, I dunno either). You can read more about it here. I downloaded Twine and everything just for it too.

You are a Blob actually wasn't my first game idea (a choice-based adaption of "Jacked Up Jack-o-Lantern" from the Regular Show Trilogy of Terror 3), but an eight-year-old was getting cold feet about entering, so I vowed to make a game so crappy it would make everyone else's game shine like gold! Which turned out to be no small feat, because everyone and their mother entered a game (or two) this year, for a grand total of 24 entries. But I think I gave it a good run.

If you like this game, please consider downloading (and judging!) the whole set. You can play most of these games through an interpreter like Gargoyle.

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The Body Story


Overcome obstacles before you by choosing the correct organ. Puzzles are based upon the organ/ body part's function, so ponder before choosing, because one mistake and you lose the game! It's quite teh epic adventure this one and I feel pleased to have churned it out for the 5-year anniversary!

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Guide of Identification of Musical the Instruments of Frobnia


Are you burdensome with troubles of music instruments of surplus and not of knowing they name? Helpful this program, directly from Ministry of Muzikanalytik of People's Glorious Democratic Republic of East Frobnia and Territories, to sorting out and teaching distinct between ham bone and harp of Jew! If you cannot with the identification, let us sorten you out! In simple asking of many many questions, we determination of which instruments of music are your troublings!

Rowan Lipkovits
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Berate The Stairs


Don't hate 'em, berate 'em.

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Pirate Kart 2
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