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calm mood rain sounds forest mushrooms


for marek mkapolk love u

calm mood
rain sounds

link to the Quaddicted page for this map:

rain sounds:

"oram" by fridge: (it was playing when i was writing that part)



note: although this was made for the quake engine, it's meant to be a twine. i'll post link to the map but you have to own quake in order to play it tomrow dec31 iis.]O:

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klikmas19 from quasiotter to everyone who signed up for klikmas lol

Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 8.32.05 AM.png

hi ok i missed the sekret santa signup it made me super sad so i decided to make a story for everyone !! i took one of the items from each wishlist and put it in the game (if u had 5 items i chose one) some of the items in the game are directly referred to but some of them are only implied and they are in order from top of the page to the bottom. um i think that's it for now lol

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Neuro Root Sacral


Two pages I made for my Neocities page for the WOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages!!! Jam
I was gonna do more but been doing other stuff, so here are a couple of strange, minimal, photobash pages
You can see the rest of my website which I remade recently, before the jam!! please do!!

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Demo Game made with student.

Hi! This is a quick game I made with a student to demonstrate Twine.

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Birthday Simulator 2

Birthday Simulator 2.png

The long awaited sequel.

You can follow me on twitter here:
you can support me on patreon here:

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going 2 chernobyl


Testing stuff in twine. twine 2 doesnt have a lot of crap so i needed it to be a zip with the image in a folder

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Backyard Skulls


This game is best played in full-screen.

Written for Gothic Novel Jam 2018

Charles Blackwood happens upon a deed for the cliff-side manor known as Gethen Manor, a manor owned by a former mistress of his, Katherine Thorndale.

Attached to the deed is a letter from Miss Thorndale, expressing how she wishes they'd not drifted apart, and inviting him to live in the manor.

Suspicious, he ventures off to find the manor in a neglected state, the once well-tended garden now an overgrown mess of dead, dried up grass, long wilted trees and odious plant remains.

As he explores the manor, he uncovers the manor's secrets. Secrets that, for him, would be better off forgotten.

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SchoolQuest I: Why I Don't Like Microsoft


The beginning of my SchoolQuest series. The original intent was to crank out a game while at my school, idle and doing nothing in particular. Over time, it slowly changed course, and I am now working on the final project, which is not made at school, but rather, about my school. This is a simple Twine micro-game. It was styled and written in the span of four hours.

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Birthday Simulator

happy birthday.jpg

I made this for fun and for your entertainment.


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Fear And Loathing in Wumpistan

Screen Shot 1.png

Behold a twine text adventure game for ihavefivehat. What they asked for: stress, discomfort, anxiety, chronic pain, psychic distress, the feeling of being violated, etc. I found this a (good) challenge since I'm actually an optimist, whatever that means.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please do avail yourself of the youtube soundtrack link. It'll improve play.

Twine games are like comics. Don't read too fast!

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