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Lasertube Sneak Preview: Trapped In The Closet


Oh, shit.

So a while ago I had this idea to write a tool that would let you turn any YouTube video into a Dragon's Lair / Dungeon Escape-like FMV arcade game. Specifically, I really, really wanted to turn R. Kelly's immortal 90-minute-long hip-hopera "Trapped In The Closet" into an awful FMV game. I've been poking at the project, off and on, for like a year now.

Well, I've finally buckled down and finished something that other people can check out. CHECK IT OUT. The editing tool is not terribly far away from being publicly releasable; mostly just some web backend stuff that needs tightening up.

It occurred to me today that allowing Typing-of-the-Dead-like segments where you have to actually type "oh shit" would make things much, much more interesting. So I'll probably tackle that soon, too.

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