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1hgj - Fruit Soldiers


I originally made this for the One Hour Game Jam, and the theme was 2 Player*. It's a non-violent, action-packed 1- or 2-Player game that's done in about 5 minutes.

Win the game by collecting more fruits than your rival. When the time runs out (measured by the GREEN BAR), then the game is over. Whomever has the highest score wins the game!

By smashing into blocks, you will eventually destroy them. Sometimes they leave behind powerup gems:
- Oval gems will increase the damage you do to blocks.
- Square gems will increase the score bonus you receive for picking up fruits.

Player One is the Blue Knight, and the Player Default in 1-Player Games
Player Two is the Red Knight

Press 1 for a 1-Player Game (control the Blue Knight with the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard)
Press 2 for a 1-Player Game (control the Blue Knight with a Gamepad plugged into your PC)
Press 3 for a 2-Player Game (control the Blue Knight with the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard, control the Red Knight with a Gamepad plugged into your PC)

I made this game with my twin nephews in mind. They're both six years old. One's favourite colour is blue, while the others is red. If I only had dinosaurs instead of knights, this game would be complete perfection as far as they're concerned. Hopefully you enjoy it too! Now version 1.2, which implements single-player games and offers control schemes for either keyboard (using the ARROW KEYS) or a Gamepad.

Artwork for knights and fruits by Clickteam. I did the blocks and the UI. Music by Clickteam. Victory SFX from Centipede (Atari, 1982). Other SFX made by me in bfxr.

*: Except, the theme really wasn't "2 Player." I don't exactly know what the theme was this time around. For some reason I received messages that read, "Something is wrong with our jam scheduler" and so on at the website, so this is probably an old theme. Oh well.

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abcdefghijklmnopqrstusavwxyz aka abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz3

Hillary Rodham Clintons.png

Learn your States and Capitals of the USA!
Break the walls of the patriarchy AGAIN!
Learn your ABC's AGAIN.

This game requires some knowledge of the United States.
If you aren't from the USA, I don't mind if you print off a cheat sheet.
If you're from the USA, I mind if you print off a cheat sheet, but, you know, it's fine if you do.
You are in control of your own destiny.

YES, if you want to put this on your site I included the MMF2 file because I don't have the flash/html exporter.

eit and vocals by steven herzog and the florida question is an edited question by a noncredited person
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Happy Travel


Happy Travel is difference game with 10 levels for children to development of visual attention. Spot the differences between the two colorful images of the family travel.
A happy family of 4 persons and a dog like to spend the weekend actively. You will walk in a forest, ride a bike in the mountains, travel by car, fly in a balloon, float on the river with them and much more.
Happy Travel is an indispensable tool in training of the visual attention of your child. Well-developed attention accompanies and enhances the productivity of all mental processes of thinking, perception, speech and memory.
Excellent graphics and wonderful music will not let you get bored.

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