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warm swamp (for spiders)


Challenge the warm swamp, casting spells from your spell card deck to aid you on your journey

WASD to move, mouse to cast spells, arrow keys to use computers
skip levels by editing your save file lol

edit: fixed a crash when dying while holding r

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Sonic's Youth: Game Design Document

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 3.50.51 PM.png

Game design document for a Sonic game I'd like to make.

It's a GOOGLE DOC that you can read here. It's a work in progress, I will add to it every so often (drawings, writing, maybe some audio stuff). This is not a joke like 'Sonic Dreams Collection'. "People that like Sonic are weird." Fuck you well to do popular award winning 'cool' LA assholes.

It sucks thinking about these snobby "indy elites" making fun of the thing that makes some people happy.

Why is this a train wreck or why is this on this website?
I figure if I try to make something super sincere like this it will accidentally be transcendentally bad.
Like, it's kind of uncool to be a fan of something? I guess it depends on how you look at it?
I guess some questions I will be asking myself while adding to this is, like, how reverent am I to Sonic as a "franchise".
I like Sonic, I liked him as a kid quite a bit.

Someone on the IRC for this website years ago said Sega would never hire me to direct a Sonic game. I guess, in this person's eyes, this game design document and the theoretical game is a trainwreck in terms of futility, like this is never going to happen.

I once was working at a smoothie place and my first or second day there, this guy was telling me about his Simpsons spec-script and how much he was working on it. Him telling me about this made me feel tremendously sad at the time being stuck working for very little money serving very rich people overpriced smoothies. Like, I would hope that this guy made it, I have a more positive look at these things these days. At least he wrote it, he did a bunch of comedy stuff in the city, he was trying and that's what you have to do, you can't just sit around and mope about, he was taking some sort of action even if this action to others felt futile.

So, whatever, I'm going to do this anyways.
I'll run head first into a wall hundreds of times to see if I can run through it.

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Dead Grass


This has been sitting around unfinished for like 2 years. It's another one of those "standard sokoban... with a twist!" games.

Not very many levels.

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February 2015


Update: 21 April - I think this Mac build works. If you want to see the reference pictures of Taylor that the game is based on, you should download in addition, the PC build. Please tell me if this keeps happening!

Sequel to January 2015 and October 2015. Originally made in 2015, however, the flash drive it was stored on was corrupted, so I re-made a lot of what was there.

Loosely based on embellishments about the singer Taylor Swift's life during February 2015 and conspiracy theories about her on 4chan and real world events. Included is a folder with pictures I found on the internet related to each day in February of 2015 that I found in 2015. To limit the file size, I took some screen shots of videos I saved.

There is nazi symbolism in the game, but to be clear, I am not in support of fascism.

[Up, Down, Left, Right] - moves character
[Control] - interact with doors, people, and other objects
[>] - go to the next day
[<] - go to the previous day
[P] - password enter
(enter "Feb" and date
number to go to different
days, ex. Feb25, or Feb9)

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plant pals


help a sad and lonely little cactus person plant some friends

plant as many as you can in SIXTY seconds!
just don't let them get too close. you're kinda spikey, being a cactus and all.

made with game maker studio. you can mute the game with 'M'

thanks for playing <3


I checked with Avira and it was indeed a false positive result! which is such a huge relief ;; sorry if I scared anyone
this silly little game is perfectly safe to download

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wow! you made it!! bounce as much as you can as hard as you can for sixty seconds. our dynamic P.H.Y.S.I.C.Z engine allows you to pull of sick stunt! GET THE POINTS??

this was my first attempt at making a game without looking at any tutorials. graphics came free with Game Maker Studio. (technically this is a little longer than sixty seconds but the actual gameplay lasts for exactly a minute and anyway it's my event so if you don't like it you can shove off)

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Cute Jump


This is a fan game of Matt Thorson's "Jumper" ( It is very difficult and a little bit strange.

This game was made with Game Maker 8.0, so it only runs on Windows, and is prone to crashing on Windows 8.

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Level 150: The End Is Nigh (My FIRST Chip is Challenging Level!!)


Level 150: The End is Nigh

Mno's first level out of (???) for the hit MacroServe SoftWare Game: Chip Is Challenging! This level features many obstacles, and puzzles, and even a teleporter that exits the game (that means you won!).

I am a big fan of Chip Is Challenging, ever since my beloved grade 3 year when I would see other older students (at LEAST grade 5) play games on the school computers, including something with Beavis and Butthead and I don't know anyhting about that stuff other than they chuckled a lot and smoked cigarettes behind the school building (as was seen during the menu loop for this game). Sometimes I also saw some kind of skiiing game where you avoid trees and stuff, I think I played a ripoff of it in the future in like grade 8, something on newgrounds, or at least just a flash game. I don't think I ever played it in grade 3 though. The teachers wouldn't let me use the computers for games. I guess I just had to wait until I was older.

The 3rd game I saw played was, as you might ave guessed... CHIP' IS CHALLENGE! All I could tell about it was that you trip on ice and bump into walls and get mad when you didn't predict the oh so obvious outcomes of your actions.

Chip's Chalice is a highlight of grade 3 for me, it was kind of a bad year. But then again so were a lot of years, so it's easy to call 'Chip...' a highlight for many years. And now, with my new level, I have paid back the fees due to my disgusting nostaligia for something I didn't even play, and without giving a corporation money in the process.

Play my new Chuck: Challenged To Duels By Dogs Everywhere and Lovin' It , right here, right there, right NOW! Click the zip to get started, get playing. TildeWumpus, the leading EMU and emulator for Chappy Change is the only platform I have tested my new level: Nigh Ending in , so you will be pleased to use it for this! It is purely designed to run on MacroServe's Chomp Champion ruleset, which is an unrelated game but for some reason the LinuxLion version REFUSES to play my level, which is just plain rude. So don't try to use that rule set.

My Level was made in Crystal Candy Eater dit (known as CCEdit) for anybody curious. I Have only tested it with the TileWorlds' Engine for emulating all versions of Chuck E. Cheese In The Galaxy Race 5000, incidentally as well as Chop The Charlemange On The Donkey, so go ahead and try that out. If you try something else and it doesn't work or your email starts getting spam ads, it is NOT my fault, and by reading this you agree to my wavier to remove me from any charges.


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Instructions: Click on the white space and press 'Enter' to BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY!!!

FFF is a voyage into new perceptions that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Play as Zemog, a one dimensional being who has gained the power, through a red pixel, to traverse dimensions and travel in height through the SECOND DIMENSION. The fun is only outpaced by the expansion of your mind. Experience TRUE ART through FFF!

The Amazing Company
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