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Follow in-game instructions for help.

A quick finger twitch style game made in Zzt.

Submit high scores in discussion board.

Zzt and custom icon included

Download DosBox to run

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A small Zzt platformer demo I made while I was feeling nostalgic one night.
To run the font: At the dos prompt and in the directory you have the font stored type
zman /i. This will install the font and allow you to play ZMAN the way it was intended.
After installing the font (do not exit the dos prompt or dosbox windiw or the font will un-install) run Zzt normally.

Title screen and name are all just filler until I decide to actually put effort into them.
Thanks for playing!


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a 2 player zzt arcade game.
Run the other player into your trail or even their own!

DOWN: green player rotate left
UP: green player rotate right
LEFT: red player rotate left
RIGHT: red player rotate right

No spamming keys. That's cheating.

Reload the world to play again.

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Santa's Lil' Helper


Just a very short Viovisian/Ghettoflowerian/bc_ian ZZT Christmas game I decided to put together. Released on January 7 due to < strike >laziness< /strike> this being Russian Christmas (December 25 by the Julian calendar.)

This also functions as a pseudo-tech demo of some neat new ZZT tricks that may or may not have ever been used before by anybody. All of them were achieved via changing various object stats in Kev-Edit to see if anything cool would happen.

Just as a warning, the endgame board is designed to crash after less than 10 seconds of you being on it via stat-edited bullets flying into the menu. This is not a bug, and simply how I decided to end this game.

Dedicated to Ghettoflower/Ghettowreath/Viovis/bc_/cbigbc in honour of his creating the entire style this and many other games of mine < strike >ripped off< /strike> were inspired by, as well as all the ZZT help he has given me over the years.

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Exil Chaistmas 1


Before I learned of Foreign clipart that sung and danced and greeting carded for you, I came up with this title. This one will REALLY get you in the season, and I figure it's a good throwback to really get things going. I recall putting a lot of work into this one back in the day using some extra curricular procedures for the fancy art scheme. Who knows? It's been so long. Lost technologies but this was part of the puzzle, the one that brings you a joy for the season, to really patch things up. It's pretty much a 10 year anniversary of it so it may also have some datedness in it, but regardless enjoy. With this marking I think now it's time to bring back the ZZT caravan back in. Have an Exil Chaistmas everyone.

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Atrium (DEMO)


My first ZZT game i'm working on.

Story (this is 80% not mentioned in the game):
You are the smiley face who is the protagonist of ZZT (Zoo of Zero Tolerance), you are heard in the news that criminal people who are part of the gigantic prison dungeon place named Atrium, are kidnapping people and taking them to the dungeon, thus he prepares to survive, but the criminals were genius so they figured out who the smiley is hiding, then he got kidnapped and taken to the Atrium, you are then forced to be a slave, but accidentaly the criminals gave you ammo, they runned away. Then you're up to escape the dungeon, however, you're approached with 100 floors, which appears to be a endless dungeon, are you gonna escape it, or be punished?

The demo contains one set of 10 stages of full challenges while the full versions contains 10 sets of 10 stages with more challenges, more fun and more madness.

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SO MANY PRETTY FLOWERS... ENJOY THIS ADVENTURE PILGRIM... SHIFT+ARROWS TO SHOOT, ARROWS TO MOVE. SOUNDTRACK is HERE including ptf and WAV. Original Tracks, Tracks used: Tealgun, wrenchbaron, and bigrose. There's a little bit of plot and background but it sort of fades away as I decide to make it more ambient since most ZZT-style games contain too much.

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Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5 (Mar 2010)

Pool Table


Edit: and actually there's a lot of language on the first board, since it was like being in an irc channel you don't really fit in, but you just kinda watch. so yeah, that's a warnainatiable

Enjoy it, it's a lot like being in #teens on austnet.. Confusion, it's about watching and listening. This is probably one of my fav oldschool releases. Disclaimer, #teens had a lot of language and suggestive, very suggestive stuff, so the first board is full of a lot of that. Basically it turned #teens of all places into a place you could go, with a bar and you could spin bar stools. So take effect. As far as ungotten references, nobody gets them, not even me. It's #teens.

Pick up lyon if you need a runtime, otherwise dosbox it.

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Hats are a feature!

Thanks for checking this out, this is my latest visual novel masterpiece Dratmask. It is a beast in size and without enough oomph even on my powerful netbook i've seen it do weird things like characters disappear and the like, so ....

This is dratmask, the plot is ... spoiler, it's a vn. Uhh, it's sort of like 2nd place as it's the sequel, and the song that gets played after 2nd place, so it's naturally a longer song so the game is longer. A lot more work went into this one.

Also if the game crashes after the second song is done playing, that's normal. That's the end of the game. I don't know how to make that not normal, but this is okay. I may make some noise on the forums and ask real nicely and provide them with the sauce and whatnot.

Major thanks go to:
Erik for supplying the engine http://visualnovelty.com/index.html
Mr. T for supplying some voices
Mikan of http://skimlines.com for supplying "Wendy" and in the first vn "Peter"
scribb0 for the character grog this time around http://destructocon.com/
gen8's Anime Face Maker 2 http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/289/5/5/anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf
xdanond's Anime Character Maker 2 http://www.kongregate.com/games/xdanond/anime-character-maker-2

disclaimer: opening the sauce 7z file is spoiler and was meant to do after the game, but i might have been to vague on hinting the password, so yeah, change order there at your own discretion.

VIP thanks:
TTTPPP, Madtom, Scribbit, Goldenhog, Newt, and Bagofmagicfood.

Spindleyq, linhat, cclemon, effbee, pirate_sephiroth, erokky, true, mrsparkle, ray, mojofltr, noyb, orion, oswald, surlent, mizzq, spyroboy, tonyb486, uhh my brother hat, and paul/davr0s

BC_, Scribblewise
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Lin said it doesn't matter if i make a plot but I should make one if I want, so we'll do the classic MNO-STYLE plot.

The year's 12890815. Your name is Olivia. You are 54 years old and wear an orange headband and you have a tv dinner you wanna cook in the microwave.. It would make you soooo happy to get to that microwave and stuff. But what will happen on the way? I don't know what will happen on the way and you know less about what will happen in the wya. so collect, fire your .38 special when you're sad and it will make you less sad.

You notice like the phases of time and stuff and they make you sooo confused.


x@*()@$H@)(HF()#H - You are doing pretty good
EIO#h3odoIBNoie - Computer Science Major
h#)(H#()H#() or more - TAY ZONDAY


It looks like around 2003 I made the first 10 boards and found out it should be made into a full game. I added 11 boards and here is the result. MNO made a few suggestions about my games and I created this as a result of his suggestions and it is based a little bit off of linhat's style of gameplay.. There is one gameplay board involved.. If you are stuck on it you can press ?+I ENTER or just I if you are using lyon for hints but the results will get rid of the ambiance. (sorry for the bold sir and/or ma'am) Try to solve the puzzle first. You will be heavily rewarded.

A little laid back, a little music... A little tight-knit, and a little constructioney. Here you will even see the process of how I make my stuff with a fresh never before done animationey sequence thing.

The screenshot above is not what you'll see in the game. It's totally false advertising and I used a lot of filters, but I did that so you could get another experience.... Your animations will be similar though. I shoulda put a note under it that said "based on the commodore 64 graphics" Like the advertisement for Congo Bongo that was one of the first examples of advertisements that used fake previously rendered graphics.

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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010
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