Commodore 64 Christmas Demo ZZT


SpindleyQ Suggested I upload a ZZT Demo, and I decided to flow with it thinking what more absurd than a ZZT emulation of a Commodore 64 Demo? I created this little gem because back in the day I loved the Commodore 64 Christmas Demo. I remember sitting there for 7 minutes waiting for this to load up on an old 5 1/4" floppy disk and I'd just watch it over and over. The animation was so smooth... I'd def be loading up this disk during the holidays.

Nowadays I can just click the tube video of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Nfgdr4fOS8 which isn't the same as listening to that disk drive load and seeing the blue screen, and hte anticipation... But I hope I did my part in recreating this timepiece moment to moment. Could be better, could be worse, could be in a hearse, but enjoy nonetheless. I'm not sure which you should watch first, the link I provided, or running this file. Just make sure you've got music going otherwise it'd be a little lacking without it. I'll leave it your call nonetheless.

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Greenday ZZT


Greenday ZZT was inspired by an old game I played back in the day and it references to chapter 1. It's a story of loss and lament, and involves a young boy and his troubles with being unable to attend the band's concert. Originally a 1 scene 2 frame game, I have added 4 extra paths and some title pages, incorporated some new gameplay and added a tight but simple story.

I've included the Lyon library for those who have trouble running ZZT with sound and without crashes.

The chapter selector is on the title screen and after a chapter is over the game must be reloaded to access other chapters (limits of zzt on the engine) pressing O

Space for info on the title screen is a farce, but just hold down shift+direction and you'll get the info provided.

The adventure is short but I feel it has enough depth, laughter and overall tones of lament and acceptance that I feel it is a good tone for this month, so I've resurrected this oldie but goodie as a red herring, but hopefully it's a good one others will enjoy, or overlook. So feel free to run it in zzt, lyon (included) or the execution of your choice.

Thanks go to Newt, Mew, ERI, the GT crew, Saxxonpike, mno, smedis, linhat, spindley or inspiration and whatnot..

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Outer Emergency


Outer Emergency was a game I made in 99, it relied heavily on the slime engine for tweaks but it also relied and well timing and precision. I remade it in plastic so it could have sweet beatz and did some tricky stuff to make it compatible visual wise. You take control of a mech thing and search for the meaning of existence and it will inspire those who choose this adventure. Multiple paths, also the music that plays during the title screen is random. Reload the world till a song suitable to your choice appears.. or press play before it starts.. or save and load a game if you want the music to stop. If you want music to resume from a save game, press the K button but beware it'll only choose the first track and the special k cereal box will show up on almost every board.

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Cobalt Carousel


Cobalt Carousel is an innovative dungeon crawler using the plastic engine. Sweet beats ride while defeating monsters, overcoming avalanches, and trying to figure out why mankind shape-shifts into dreadful. The map is actually on top of a zoomed in blue version of the carousel in question, and it is your mission to escape. Not too much plot involved, just grinding and unwinding on the creepy crawlers of this dungeon.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories


Screenshot at 2012-05-16 13:34:14.png

Did this while on holiday in Australia. I believe it was made within the timeframe.

This required a hacked KevEdit (or a hex editor) to do what I was doing. You can get that hacked version here: https://github.com/iamgreaser/kevedit

Oh yeah, did I mention that KevEdit is awesome? USE IT

By the way, you should play ChickenWire 1.8 some time (2.0 kinda sucks sorry nadir but it does).

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What Do People Think All Day?


I used the Glorious Weekend of ZZT Blitzkrieg-a-thon! as a chance to experiment, and this is what I ended up with. It's an art-thing rather than a game. It's incomplete and a little offbeat. It may not be your cup of tea, but I do hope you find it interesting.

Quantum P.
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Confidence Man


Yesterday I got an email in my inbox asking for my participation (as a "employee" aka "useful idiot") in a penny stock scam. I've been caught up in one before, so I felt inspired to convey the general tone and feeling of such operations in ZZT form.

Although this game is fictional, the techniques described are pretty close to reality. One only needs to visit InvestorsHub and browse around a little to find shining examples of this particular formula in action. It really is all about emotional state and maintaining that balance of "fear vs. greed" to keep the victim involved. But eventually your money disappears, and....well, nothing happens after that! (I came out of it okay, in the end.)

Some of the techniques not depicted in this game:

-Encourage a "community" of victims and make them start reassuring each other and reaching out to their friends to help in rationalizing a logically unsound investment(a friend got me drawn in, in my own case)
-Include accomplices to make in-person visits to victims that support your image. They could be "partners," "common men made millionares," "skeptics," or any number of character archetypes that weave a story that barely holds itself together. The sky's the limit.
-Turn business into war - e.g. "get back at the evil bankers manipulating the market" or "help revolutionize (industry x)". If the foes are big and vague, they're easy to blame, and your cause looks all the better, regardless of how poor its fundamentals are.
-Make bold claims that might hook people not familiar with the particular industry, such as these gems from my email:

...A start-up funded through two rounds of engineering and now with a manufacturing agreement in place with a NASDAQ traded global top ten contract manufacturer.

...A former computer science professor at USC, Sacramento commented on *redacted* as follows:

“Based on my experience, I can testify that this is a fresh idea, highly innovative, and, in my opinion, something that the general public would love to use. Most users do belong to several social networks. This tool makes the social network environment easy to navigate … and user friendly. This is a required application on the same level as something like Instagram. Instagram fell into an innovative and rapid to market category, which captured a large market really fast. *redacted* has similar characteristics and falls into this category of being innovative and reaching a large market.”

(I followed up to that email telling the guy "I don't work for equity, but I will work for $250,000 up front" and he politely declined. He doesn't know what he's missing out on...)

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Inspired by the (much superior) Castle/ZZT by HM with its shortness and sweetness. Back in my ZZT days, I never did much with the pre-programmed objects, doors, and such, so I wanted to see if I could make a short, tight game that mostly relied on using ZZT objects the way Sweeney intended.

I forgot how long it takes to make ZZT games.

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3D Skull Engine


this wasn't a good weekend for an event, between mother's day and having other shit to take care of. the plan was to pump out as many no-effort trash games as possible, but as usual found myself incapable of not spending time polishing things. worked on:
title screen and introductory art board for 'interstellar garbage-eating muscle pigs,' but i liked the concept enough to want to do more than what i had time for, so i put it off for later.
'3d skull engine,' a stupid injoke. probably the closest to the sort of thing i originally evisioned.
title screen, art board, and two gameplay boards for 'dracula's night in.'
then it got uncomfortably warm and i didn't feel like sitting in front of a computer any longer. i may come back to dracul & the pigs, but i rarely finish anything that takes longer than a half-hour to complete, so

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