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3D Skull Engine


this wasn't a good weekend for an event, between mother's day and having other shit to take care of. the plan was to pump out as many no-effort trash games as possible, but as usual found myself incapable of not spending time polishing things. worked on:
title screen and introductory art board for 'interstellar garbage-eating muscle pigs,' but i liked the concept enough to want to do more than what i had time for, so i put it off for later.
'3d skull engine,' a stupid injoke. probably the closest to the sort of thing i originally evisioned.
title screen, art board, and two gameplay boards for 'dracula's night in.'
then it got uncomfortably warm and i didn't feel like sitting in front of a computer any longer. i may come back to dracul & the pigs, but i rarely finish anything that takes longer than a half-hour to complete, so

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