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Working on my skillz


I've entered into the themed trainwreck #4 and the KOTM #63. I'm actually going to complete something this time! I'm so excited! I already have my handy programmer's notebook and I scribbled some ideas. I'm using KNP/GF again and it's tough re-learning how to use this dang thing. My sis has the original KNP manual at her house that she borrowed from me. I got to wait until she brings it back. I do have a PDF version of the manual.

I was thinking of firing up the old Mac and use KNP on there, but I can't get the internet and the version of KNP I downloaded didn't work (as it read the zip file wrong as Windows zip, not Mac Zip). I wonder if anyone uses KNP for mac?

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XMas or concert or booze money, whatever (Beating Depression)

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I'm working on a video game as I'm trying to get thru this horrible horrible depression. Fainting in the shower last week spooked me into actually living the life I want to live, somewhat. Altho I'm back home now and dealing with my annoying mother (and she wonders where I get my bad attitude from), I'm back to making trainwrecks. I need something to do. Still no job. Nor do I want one, altho mom is getting quite vocal about it.

I'm blasting some DSBM to make myself feel better. And it does work. :D I can't wait for the weather to turn cold so I can wear my leather jacket all the time. I like the weight of it (and the look--it's so freakin cool and awesome and it's not your typical Schott Bros. biker jacket that I desperately wanted after watching The Wild Ones).

Still blogging, still turking, still trying to find something to do with my art and make that paper. Sucks that in order to live in this city, I got to have a piece of useless paper to do anything. I scavenge, reuse, recycle, walk, or bike. Anything father than 10 miles I take the bus. I can't wait to outfit an engine on my bike so I can go farther and not get so sweaty.

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still slogging thru the muck

Alas, I'm still couch surfing and job hunting and hating being homeless. I wish I had a car but I don't have a license and this story of woe wouldn't exist.

Around the end of June I managed to get a callback for a job and I took it. It was a sales position for a security company. I went door to door, saying the same spiel over and over and no one wanted to buy. After a month of no sales (and lots of wasted time), I quit. Maybe no one wanted to buy from a woman, or people really don't like getting bothered by a door to door salesperson.

Fuck that shit. I hate working for da man anyway. I got all my gaming tools now and lots of time on my hands and a new place to crash. I've been scouring the job papers but there has been no jobs available in this town. Apparently it's a cosmic joke that I came here, away from the land of opportunity. While in San Francisco, I managed to find housing and a job within 2 weeks and I should have stayed. I got involved with a shady company and had a fall out with the people so now I'm stranded in this podunk place. I would like to get back to California or back home to St. Louis as soon as possible.

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Need a job... doing a trainwreck

I'm stuck in this city with no cash and no home (I'm couch surfing for now.) I decided that since I got a 3 day weekend ahead of me, I'm going to write a trainwreck and sell it. Ha! I just want to see what I can hammer out in 3 days. I can't find a job anywhere in this crappy city but I'm not ready to go back 'home' yet (I want to avoid my mom's couch again!)

I had many attempts before trying to hammer out games while keeping my eyes peeled for jobs but after a year's hunt, I used my tax refund to go on vacay, only to run out of cash and get a job that brought me to this city and I got into it with the people I work with (I don't like working with others, it seems) so now I'm stranded.

I keep getting flack from my family and friends that programming a game is stupid without extra schooling, Fuck school. I was bored to tears (maybe I'm so damn genius that I didn't need 16 weeks to learn algebra, how about 2 days? lolz)

I'm determined to finally get some games off the ground and make some money in doing what I love (altho using a game dev kit kinda is wonky than hard coding, I can always hammer out something in QB64 lolz or DarkBasic).

So this blog will chronicle my attempts. Let's see how this trainwreck goes!!!

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Pre-Glorious Trainwrecks Trainwrecks


Before I came to Glorious Trainwrecks, I had stumbled upon the 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart. Well, it inspired me to make some of my own trainwrecks. Most of those can be seen here now. The games:

Carpet Rider: Like Strong's "Ride an Elephant", except that falling off means death.

Computer Adventure: Experimentation with annoying gameplay gimmicks. If you hit the floor or walls too hard, you have to restart the screen.

Horse Kong: A remake of the arcade game Donkey Kong in Klik & Play using Klipart. It also features some rather ear-piercing sound effects done by my voice!

Minimalistic Game: It's a game!

Minimalistic Game Panther: It's a game! Costs $449.99 to upgrade. Sorry, no special upgrade pricing for older versions!

Super Puzzle Fun: I made this to show that Klik & Play *cannot* be used to make a decent puzzle game. At least not with the built-in movements... or something like that. Glitches abound.

Super Puzzle Fun TURBO: Super Puzzle Fun on crack. For reasons unknown, the game will sometimes think you've flooded over the top when you actually haven't. Sorry, couldn't figure out what caused that glitch.

Robbing Hood: Actually kinda fun. You must stab a bunch of jesters using your mouse-controlled and spazzed-out Robin Hood. The jesters shoot false teeth at you which will cause you to explode. This explosion sequence is probably not meant for older computers, as it's pretty slow even on my system.

Trombonist vs. Cat: Inspired by The Incredible Machine. Did you know that if you hit Curie the Cat twice in quick succession, you can sometimes get her to flip upside-down? Now you know.

"Fun Ship" and "I Kill All" - Even more KnP demakes


On the 23rd, a gamemaking duel was held on the TIGSource Forums, with the theme being "Demakes in Klik'n'Play".
And thus, two glorious trainwrecks saw the light of day...

Fun Ship is a demake of Messhof's Party Boat, made by me(genericuser).

I Kill All is a demake of Error-Free Software's Tapan Kaikki, made by Stargoat from the forums.

WARNING: Download these at your own risk; they may be dangerous to your health, your general sanity, and your pets.

Oh and if Fun Ship has wacky Greek text, just copy "Commodore 64.ttf" to "C:|Windows|Fonts".

KNP Tic Tac Toe


Exactly what it says on the tin.

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