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make your own BINKY (3D edition)


by popular demand here are the characters from the award winning BINKY series...

in even more dimensions than previously imagined

the original BINKY 3d models, textured and animated and converted for ease of use in your favorite video game engine or something!

featuring .blend, .fbx, and .ms3d formats!

please check out the rest of binky related resources:


and make sure to read the author's notes! please follow the rules responsibly

all models by Mariken G

Mariken G
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Super 3D Helicopter 2


This is "New and improved" version of the "Super 3D Helicopter" i made for the first marathon. There's almost no change on gameplay, just some extra audiovisual effects i wanted to include.

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A Terribly Fast World

A terribly fast thumbnail word.png

a 3d game
use wasd to move and space to jump
songs used :
borat songs
ievan polkka
two tracks by bulfú
tiny tim
can you feel the sunshine
some tracks made by me
russian city ambient sounds

special thanks to :
jake clover ( inspiration )
tom van den boogart ( inspiration )

thanks for playing this took one whole week to be made :)

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Apollo 11 - The Remake


Join the Apollo 11 in their journey to the moon.

Made for the “Dark Side of the Jam – A NASA Hosted Game Jam”.

Made by Gal Pasternak(@galman33) and Raz freedman(@Yinara100).

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You are trapped at the edge of the galaxy, beseiged by enemy ships.
Your weapons are more than adequate for this, but your guidance systems have been damaged.
The slightest touch could send your ship careening out of control!

Designed for 360 controller dual-analog sticks.
WASD + IJKL also works.
R to reset, ESC to exit.

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An event

A story about left, right and jump!

Screenshot-Untitled Window.png

Nothing much to do! Control the player with a-key (left) d-key(right) jump with space.
Die-function stopped working a bit before the end :(

Ok,..2h are too less :D

But it was fun

Linux-Version here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11752001/misc/Klik1-linux32.tar.gz

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3D Skull Engine


this wasn't a good weekend for an event, between mother's day and having other shit to take care of. the plan was to pump out as many no-effort trash games as possible, but as usual found myself incapable of not spending time polishing things. worked on:
title screen and introductory art board for 'interstellar garbage-eating muscle pigs,' but i liked the concept enough to want to do more than what i had time for, so i put it off for later.
'3d skull engine,' a stupid injoke. probably the closest to the sort of thing i originally evisioned.
title screen, art board, and two gameplay boards for 'dracula's night in.'
then it got uncomfortably warm and i didn't feel like sitting in front of a computer any longer. i may come back to dracul & the pigs, but i rarely finish anything that takes longer than a half-hour to complete, so

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Squidmancer Goes To The Drugstore


All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my squids.
~Leo IV, Neophyte Squidmancer

joe valeen
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