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Ratz For Dinner

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An anecdotal story about what might happen if you devour a Ratt, or what might happen regardless, bundled in a little rpg/walking/pilgrimage sim.

Play as a Ratt that was mistaken for a food, and slowly disease the consumers body by dismantling various vital organs.

- Disease Action
- 6 Viruses You CAN Contract (that do nothing)
- Make a person steadily less healthy over a short period of time.

Notify me if there are any troubles downloading or playing, i'll attempt to remedy them! (Windows only (presumably) but take a crack at it if ya want)

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[Re: babycastles: i like this one for babycastles because it doesn't have an end point... each of 3 sections has an exit point to the 'hub' so i think it would work well. HOWEVER, it might not be the best because it's about some of my sexual experiences... although there are no naughty bits and nothing about sex is explicitly noted. i'm not the best judge on that because I KNOW EVERYTHING about this game.]

Note: If you can't run it (this is Windows-only), there's a browser version here. I used GameMaker, which means I'd have to pay a 99$ developer fee to export to Mac, which is shitty, so I don't use GM anymore. I had to reconfigure one of the rooms that used physics for the browser version since HTML5 & Box2D physics don't get along well.

this is my second game! i never posted it here because i didn't know about g.t. at the time, even though i think it's probably my most glorious trainwreck (meaning, it fits this site better than any other game-hosting site). i'm very much interested in body horror and want to make many more games using my body for textures and stuff. also there is nothing x-rated here at all. okay, here's some of the original description:

Made for Strawberry Jam, a game jam hosted by

This is, more-or-less, an experiment with using GameMaker for the first time.
I have exported a "Flatgame" with Unity the month before; otherwise, I have zero experience with programming.

The theme of Strawberry Jam was to make a "horny" game, so I sort of did that.

Basically, this "game" represents a portion bit of sexual experiences I had. Sometimes, it was great! Occasionally, it has been awful. Often, it's somewhere in between those distinctions. Most of the time, I prefer it solo. My interests have always fluctuated, moreso than most people I have discussed this topic with, especially since I'm more asexual than not.

I had intentions of what means what in this game, but I want everyone to just experience what they think is going on.

All of the visuals are photos of my body[...]

Made For: 
An event
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