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Babbys first Klik game.

It's a simple coin collector, it only have 5 levels only 4 of which you actually play on.

It should only take under a minute to finish.

If it doesnt then contact your doctor because something is wrong with you.



2018 Extra Notes: Ahhh...this is where it all started. The fruits of my initial dicking about in Klik'n'Play, as I was marvelling at how easy it is to make stuff with this wonderous piece of software. It being a first attempt at a game, this isn't great. The good MIDIs are there, at least. As a side note, 2012 me, do you want to not be incredibly fuckin' rude/offensive to people for not finishing something within an alloted amount of time? Even if this game is piss easy, I very much dislike that.

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