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You Have to Take a Trip to Hawai'i


puzzly boats & water & crates game

hawai'i's postal code is HI

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A short game where you have to strategically blow up buildings.

I made this cause I built a pretty slick physics system in Go! Collect Some Stars! and realised I could have a ton of crates on screen at one time, so made a game designed around that.

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Go! Collect Some Stars


A small sidescroller in which you Go! and collect some stars! made for Sylvie's informal game jam "The Sylvie Shuffle" where the theme was stars

I got a chance to use the ol' crate lifting tech I made a long time ago. The entirety of the game is crate-based puzzles

there's 20 stars to collect but you need only 15. good luck!!

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Super Dig Site Madness


Get to the goal flag at the end of each level!

Arrows: Move
X: Jump
Z/Y: Dig

Jump up to destroy blocks!

4 levels of puzzle platforming! Could use more!

John D. Moore
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