Brick Thief


Bricks in breakout games tend to look valuable, what with all the shininess and gold bricks? It's almost a crime to break them, so why not commit an actual crime and steal them before they are destroyed? Compete against the computer or a friend to see who can wrack up the most points.

P1 controls: Mouse controls hand, left click to pick up bricks. Drag bricks off the bottom of the screen without getting hit by the ball or paddle to score.
P2 controls: Keyboard, cursor keys to control paddle. Break bricks and keep the ball in play.

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Stalin Vs. Hitler


It is time of 2nd World War...

Think for a second... if all you were told was a lie. That the events of hitsory have been manipulated
to make you feel safer in your mind. This is a game based on the TRUE events, discovered just days ago.
The truth of what happened to HitLer! Contrary to belief, HitLer did not suicide!
It was actually a team of elite mercenaries, hired by the russian leader, Joseph Stalin, as a last resort
in the middle of the chaos when he was distracted. Had he not been killed, he actually had far darker plans than
anyone had ever imagined.

Luckily for us, they succeeded. And survived.
This is a game based on true events, Zecks games inc has worked together with those
honorable veterans who have been kept silent until now.

Get ready, this is what war truly feels like.


I wanted to have a weirder/more cinematic ending but eh.

It's one of my better klikwrecks but I'm pretty sure that my golden age is about over already.
I still have ideas for more but I'll try to participate only when I feel like from now on.

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