Lin said it doesn't matter if i make a plot but I should make one if I want, so we'll do the classic MNO-STYLE plot.

The year's 12890815. Your name is Olivia. You are 54 years old and wear an orange headband and you have a tv dinner you wanna cook in the microwave.. It would make you soooo happy to get to that microwave and stuff. But what will happen on the way? I don't know what will happen on the way and you know less about what will happen in the wya. so collect, fire your .38 special when you're sad and it will make you less sad.

You notice like the phases of time and stuff and they make you sooo confused.


x@*()@$H@)(HF()#H - You are doing pretty good
EIO#h3odoIBNoie - Computer Science Major
h#)(H#()H#() or more - TAY ZONDAY


It looks like around 2003 I made the first 10 boards and found out it should be made into a full game. I added 11 boards and here is the result. MNO made a few suggestions about my games and I created this as a result of his suggestions and it is based a little bit off of linhat's style of gameplay.. There is one gameplay board involved.. If you are stuck on it you can press ?+I ENTER or just I if you are using lyon for hints but the results will get rid of the ambiance. (sorry for the bold sir and/or ma'am) Try to solve the puzzle first. You will be heavily rewarded.

A little laid back, a little music... A little tight-knit, and a little constructioney. Here you will even see the process of how I make my stuff with a fresh never before done animationey sequence thing.

The screenshot above is not what you'll see in the game. It's totally false advertising and I used a lot of filters, but I did that so you could get another experience.... Your animations will be similar though. I shoulda put a note under it that said "based on the commodore 64 graphics" Like the advertisement for Congo Bongo that was one of the first examples of advertisements that used fake previously rendered graphics.

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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010

Greenday ZZT


Greenday ZZT was inspired by an old game I played back in the day and it references to chapter 1. It's a story of loss and lament, and involves a young boy and his troubles with being unable to attend the band's concert. Originally a 1 scene 2 frame game, I have added 4 extra paths and some title pages, incorporated some new gameplay and added a tight but simple story.

I've included the Lyon library for those who have trouble running ZZT with sound and without crashes.

The chapter selector is on the title screen and after a chapter is over the game must be reloaded to access other chapters (limits of zzt on the engine) pressing O

Space for info on the title screen is a farce, but just hold down shift+direction and you'll get the info provided.

The adventure is short but I feel it has enough depth, laughter and overall tones of lament and acceptance that I feel it is a good tone for this month, so I've resurrected this oldie but goodie as a red herring, but hopefully it's a good one others will enjoy, or overlook. So feel free to run it in zzt, lyon (included) or the execution of your choice.

Thanks go to Newt, Mew, ERI, the GT crew, Saxxonpike, mno, smedis, linhat, spindley or inspiration and whatnot..

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