Greenday ZZT


Greenday ZZT was inspired by an old game I played back in the day and it references to chapter 1. It's a story of loss and lament, and involves a young boy and his troubles with being unable to attend the band's concert. Originally a 1 scene 2 frame game, I have added 4 extra paths and some title pages, incorporated some new gameplay and added a tight but simple story.

I've included the Lyon library for those who have trouble running ZZT with sound and without crashes.

The chapter selector is on the title screen and after a chapter is over the game must be reloaded to access other chapters (limits of zzt on the engine) pressing O

Space for info on the title screen is a farce, but just hold down shift+direction and you'll get the info provided.

The adventure is short but I feel it has enough depth, laughter and overall tones of lament and acceptance that I feel it is a good tone for this month, so I've resurrected this oldie but goodie as a red herring, but hopefully it's a good one others will enjoy, or overlook. So feel free to run it in zzt, lyon (included) or the execution of your choice.

Thanks go to Newt, Mew, ERI, the GT crew, Saxxonpike, mno, smedis, linhat, spindley or inspiration and whatnot..

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