Commodore 64 Christmas Demo ZZT


SpindleyQ Suggested I upload a ZZT Demo, and I decided to flow with it thinking what more absurd than a ZZT emulation of a Commodore 64 Demo? I created this little gem because back in the day I loved the Commodore 64 Christmas Demo. I remember sitting there for 7 minutes waiting for this to load up on an old 5 1/4" floppy disk and I'd just watch it over and over. The animation was so smooth... I'd def be loading up this disk during the holidays.

Nowadays I can just click the tube video of it which isn't the same as listening to that disk drive load and seeing the blue screen, and hte anticipation... But I hope I did my part in recreating this timepiece moment to moment. Could be better, could be worse, could be in a hearse, but enjoy nonetheless. I'm not sure which you should watch first, the link I provided, or running this file. Just make sure you've got music going otherwise it'd be a little lacking without it. I'll leave it your call nonetheless.

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