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replacing Ethan

I finally managed to put the standard third-person character controller into another human model. I want to put the youtube tutorials I used here so I can remember how to do it again later.

This is a start, but I messed up somehow

Finished it off with this.

Also, this slows them down:



Since I care lots about xmas and stuff I figure I'd better change my avatar to a snoaman for now I don't know why I made a whole post about this i figured it would be really important to posterity when the time comes you know like just in case you know? People will see it will wonder "why did he or she or whatever it is change it to a snowman?" and the answer is because it inspires soooooo many people. I really did it to dedicate it to my friend true from the #rockman crew. He's probably really happy and stuff. Just look at how happy Teta is..

I have to go find my shoe cloaks and go to work now.. Good luck

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