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SPIDARENA, a game made for some other secret santa game jam. I finally figured out how to do twin-stick shooting, except it works on the keyboard and not a controller. Still working on that... The good news is that you can play both the standalone Windows version or the HTML 5 version (the download contains both).

The web version is playable at this link:


WASD KEYS: Move the spider.
ARROW KEYS: Shoot a Venom Blast. Hold the keys for autofire of Venom Blasts.
SPACEBAR: Launch a Web Shot. You can trap flies in Cocoons with a well-placed Web Shot.
ESC KEY: Toggle Pause.
F2 KEY (standalone only): Return to title screen.

You can successfully complete a stage of Spidarena in one of four ways:
1. Destroy 100 Flies.
2. Destroy all Fly Nests.
3. The Spider Gains 100 Health.
4. The Spider Eggs are fed with 11+ Cocoons.

Some methods will earn you more points than others. Experiment and try different strategies to see what works best for you!


Stand on a Cocoon to consume its contents. When the green bar that appears is full, the Cocoon is emptied and the Spider gains 5 health.

Stand on the end of a Web Strand to build it and make it longer. When the purple bar that appears is full, the strand is extended until it reaches maximum length. Any Fly that moves over these web strands is slowed. Any Cocoon over these strands slowly moves towards the Spider Eggs.

Pillbugs are invincible, but their Spitballs can be destroyed by a Web Blast. However, it's best to just avoid them as much as possible.

You have limited Web Shots, but each time you defeat 5 Flies you gain one back as a bonus. You can carry a maximum of 10 Web Shots.

Enjoy and "Thank you for play!" [sic]

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1hgj: Not Yet


NOT YET, a game made for the One Hour Game Jam (in about an hour and a half). This time, the theme was Love.
(content warning: insults and hurtful words that some may find upsetting)

Fend off the negative vibes until the time is right to move in.


  • Use the ARROW KEYS to move.
  • Use the SHIFT KEY to fire. Hold it down to auto-fire.


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1hgj - Midnight Girl


MIDNIGHT GIRL, made in just over one hour for One Hour Game Jam. The theme this time round was Dreams. Converted to HTML 5, so it should play in any browser.

It's a basic shooter with a time limit, inspired by the world of the old-skool NES game "Little Nemo the Dream Master." Maybe that's why the main character is riding an alligator. Of course, had I more time, this would be much more expansive. So it goes.

Press SHIFT/JOY BUTTON 1 to shoot bolts, which destroy the Nightmare Beasts (orange guys). Sprinkle Dreamdust on the sleeping kids with CTRL/JOY BUTTON 2. Tag the windows to increase your spawn multiplier to earn more points. If you shoot a window, it will be destroyed.

All artwork and event coding hastily created by me (though I must admit I'm particularly happy with the appearance of the windows). Sounds made in BFXR. Background music from .


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Project A.S.I.S.


A challenging retro shootemup I made as a reward for a guy who won a high score contest for one of my other games. It's a space-age shootemup with six stages that each use different mechanics. I had a lot of fun coming up with the different stages and then doing vocal recordings for some parts of the game.

Press the ARROW KEYS to make menu selections. On the Stage Select screen, press CTRL/JOY BTN 2 to hear a description of the stage. Press SHIFT/JOY BTN 1 to confirm your selection and start the stage. You can attempt 6 stages before the game ends and records your score.

Strafe with the ARROW KEYS/JOYSTICK.
Change direction by tapping SHIFT/JOY BTN 1 when pushing a direction.
Use your Speed Booster by pressing CTRL/JOY BTN 2. There's limited energy, but when it's not being used it recharges.
(Game now has full controller support. To enable, press CTRL + Y, then check the box for Player 1 next to "Joystick" and press OK.)

Each stage is slightly different, but uses the same mechanics. Try for a high score. :)

I made all the graphics and sfx. The background tunes are currently slowed-down NES soundtracks (Silver Surfer and Zen: Intergalactic Ninja). Game was made with Clickteam Fusion in 2017. Game is now version 1.3.

Have fun! :D

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Space World: Around the World! (for let-off-studios)


Space World!: Around the World

Introducing a new adventure series that will make you think twice about the way you interact with your world. The adventures will shed light into your life and inspire you to pursue health and happiness. You'll learn how to lead a life that is good for you, your community, and the earth.

The adventures and the guest adventurers will be chosen by the ShenglyLong. The first adventure will be in Space World: Around the World! and it could by you joining! Visit ShenglyLong for details and to apply

This Shoot-em-up Was Developed In Canada, But You Probably Can't Tell · Defend Your Undies In Some Yeti on Furry Action · The Feel Of ...

This shoot em’ up won over the hearts of many during its original 80′s console release,rty and its back to help you remember the good old days. Its just the way you remember it, and its just as challenging. Do you have what it takes?

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Zip file contains a .mfa file that can only be opened with MMF2/TGF2. So don't waste your time downloading it unless you happen to have either of them installed. Sorry about that. :/ It was supposed to build a flash version of the game but that came out buggy and unplayable, so. Yeah. Wasted so much time on this... Argh.
But if at least one person plays it and enjoys it even a little, it'd be worth it.
Too frustrated/hungry/tired to write a description right now.

So, thanks to ExciteMike, it's now available in a convenient .exe format.

Just a simple, tiny, very hard shoot em up. You control this space squid thing (that totally doesn't look like a space squid) and climb around while shooting robots and space jellyfish (definitely doesn't look like jellyfish.). There's no ending or anything, it goes on forever. Well, in theory, at least. It becomes pretty much humanly impossible at around level 20 or so.

Sound effects by Effbee. Thanks! Saved me a lot of time.
Also very briefly uses a font made by Anna Anthropy/Dessgeega.

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