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Made primarily for Global Game Jam 2019, which had the theme "what home means to you".

I have had the same room for decades. For the most part, items just accumulate on top of each other in ever growing piles, until the inevitable looming end.

Spin around a few times to activate the hotspots (due to a bug that was never figured out). No ending.

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Pest Control 360°


A followup to my Batari Basic game Pest Control in Space. This time there's more bees, and the action is in 360 degrees! (Oops I rhymed)

Move the mouse left and right to move your ship along the perimeter. Hold the mouse button to fire. Destroy the hive and any remaining bees to progress to the next level. Hitting a bee with your ship will kill you. As you progress, the hive becomes larger, the bees spawn more frequently, and they descend more rapidly!

Press C to insert a credit, and S to start the game.

Also, if you stay on the title you can watch a little demonstration.

Update: Made a couple fixes. Redownload if you've already downloaded.

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