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Waiting in the Rain: A Knytt Story

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Waiting in the Rain is a short (about five screens or so) Knytt Story based on a song by Lee Rosevere called Waiting in the Rain. It's about getting to a friend's place in time for dinner, and also the friendship between two women. I hope you like it.

untapped potential?


I've run into a little something I haven't seen here and potentially it could be interesting, not sure.. Apparently you can make any object into a friend, you've got the basic platformer stuff already built in how you remember it. You can make your own levels, like this one going to nowhere, Uhh, there was a crab guy in it too that talked to you but he ran into the void to the left because he was really into what was going on there, and here I've got mario just chillin with the gargoyle man, he's still shooting fireballs. If you're looking for something that's not knytt games but has a little less atmosphere a a little more Mario that is marioey then this might be your output. There's also some metroid sprites for whatever reason and it can be easily turned into someone's mashup fanfiction fantasy if one is patient enough to get the layout right, otherwise we can also wait to see what happens with the new jetpack when it comes out...

THE LINK enjoy!

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