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Wow! RPG historians have discovered the only extant copy of DREAMTREADER: SKELETON'S VOYAGE, the legendary 1996 RPG for the Bogatstvo Deluxe system. Featuring some of the most advanced systems and deepest themes ever seen in the mid-90s Balkan RPG scene, the game was thought to have been lost to history when the Bogatstvo Deluxe was recalled and banned from Western European and American markets due to the Bogatstvo corporation's alleged ties with pro-Serbian ethnic militias operating in the former Yugoslavia.

The boffins at FORTUNE PALACE are hard at work translating, restoring and archiving this iconic piece of software... Watch this space for more updates!

I'll Make games. But here's a blog bc i saw the blog entry part and thought 'that would be fun' pt.1??

Games as an art form should not seem so preposterous, it is only viewed so negatively for its incorporation of user participation, which admittedly immediately fucks up integrity with the automatic compensation that must take place (at least in terms of wide-audience relases) however lesser popular games will inherently contain some obvious quirk of the designer, the user instead will have to grapple with the singular/small teams issues/inadequacies instead of being comfortably carried through a la book or movie, it becomes simultaneously about experience and analysis, if not direct analysis of the programmers then that of the simulated environment they created with a pinch of willful suspension of disbelief (the ol WSD) so really in this day and age i no longer try to argue or defend video games artness because really its kind of auto-art, not something which you can just claim isn't such and it will be defamed, like it's eternally esteemed in my head so what. maybe that seems a little solipsist but you understand how it's essentially human excess just like any other art, just concerned more with creating a comprehensive controllable experience or something i dunno. you get what i'm saying. thanks

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