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The Overshoe


It sure is wonderful being a Chinese spambot! Fly gracefully through the skies, firing bowling balls at unsuspecting online communities. Don't get too close to the online communities though, or else you'll get stunned. Avoid Jeremy Penner's floating, disembodied head at all costs.

Use the left and right arrow keys to steer. Hold the down arrow key to slow down a bit.

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Overboots 2: The land of the Legless: Episode XVI: Boot Camp


In the land of the legless, the one booted man is king, though in this game you're a woman, so I don't know what that mean. On a prison, on an asteroid. In space! The overboots have kept an army of slaves mining the sun for plasma gold. But! A rebellion is forming on the planet. Dodge the boots to survive! Watch out for the overboots! Oh, and in this game, you can't die, they're just boots, flying around in the air. It's not real!

The Crouch Mode
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An event
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