Some More Backdrops


I kinda intended for this to be the idea pitch where we all just pick some backdrops and make them.. I change the image size to 640x480 in irfan view and it seems to work without a hitch as long as i convert it to 256 colors.. I borrowed some images from Instinct Magic Theatre to promote oldschool pre-windows movie maker awareness, as this is all we had cept for mario paint, and that's snes. Bridging the gap, if you have some good backdrops throw em here, I'd just like to see some more as the backdrops in knp are soooo great but so limited. I could only make a library by putting all the stuff i want on frame one and you can too, and I will too. Let's expand on the library. Put something in for the ug, expand the defaults as we have a lot but not enough foundations to lay those characters and games on. Remix the old ones? That's cool too. I like the originals. I'll throw more up though... But for now I gotta focus on these ugg boots.

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