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I am alive!

Welp. It's been something like 2 years since I logged into this account.

Recently I was talking to someone in a Discord chatroom I had set up for old computer collecting and he mentioned having played KnP games as a kid. I remembered this site and the KnP archive and all; and since I had still been off-and-on maintaining my geocities.ws site I thought I'd update this account too (after a password reset, I had forgotten the old one I put on here..).

I am combing the web for more Klik'n' Play games for the Archive. If anyone has found any on their shovelware CDs or something please PM me (and I might take SpindleyQ's offer on webspace for hosting the files from a few years ago. ;) )

Anyways, that's my little ramble. I will probably develop more games, though I've gotten rusty. Still got my CD somewhere around here.


Run for your Life (KnP game)


evade the arrows as long as you can

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"Hobbyist Games"

I've been making games on my own consistently for a little over a year now. I used to make games with friends in high school and middle school, but I never finished anything until I started working on my own. I have always wanted to make video games for as long as I can remember, but through the years my confidence in abilities have kept me from actually perusing my goals. I partially never made games because of this stigma where I thought the games I made had to have a specific level of quality or something, it was a fear of not knowing how to program at all and being intimidated by coding languages and different software. This fear is a different fear that I think some of the friends that I worked on games with had. Most of them did not want to waste time working on games if they didn't get some sort of reward after like being able to sell the game or have some sort of wide recognition for making the game. I have always felt that because there are so many people in the world and on the internet that do or make anything (and a lot of those who make games) that expecting recognition is an almost futile effort and an effort that is earned in plenty of failure like any other activity that humans do.

Anyways, since I started using GM and KnP and MMF2 my life has improved in the way that now I am making video games and that part of my life has been fulfilled to some extent, however I have learned just making games is not enough in a way. I have come across different obstacles like, "I want to be making games basically all the time instead of just in my free time but not work in the games industry", "I want to make very large scale games, but I feel like I don't have the time to do so", "I don't know how to really program very much", and "I would like to make games, but not sell them".

My questions to you is what do you do for a living and would you ever want to work in the games industry, and if you don't why?

In the old spirit of things


We used to post elite buttons and ad banners for all sorts of stuff. Tacky sometimes, extravagant other times, but this made everything come together, and I don't think anyone every really clicked on them, but sometimes they were flashy so you'd stare at them for a while. As a slight promo for my newest release, I had some of the characters get together to huddle up for the banner shot, but it got messy, so it became a collage instead, blinking at a nice slow rate. I'll also as a promotion be bringing a couple of the old games out of the vault into a similarly on-topid evil/strange/weird artifacts for those to enjoy.

http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5135 <- a link to bumcharles.

And even though Hustlin and Huggin is more of a spiritual sequel and Bumcharles doesn't necessarily need one, it just felt right to continue the plot development of bumcharles and give this one more of an edge than others.

http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5187 < - Even the style is the same.

So yeah, do enjoy, I hope to release soonish, how realistic I'm not sure. Take care.

Oh, and an edit for more ug points.. you gotta click on this to really see the banner in its fullness. You don't have anything to say or don't have to say anything, just excitement is all.

Some More Backdrops


I kinda intended for this to be the idea pitch where we all just pick some backdrops and make them.. I change the image size to 640x480 in irfan view and it seems to work without a hitch as long as i convert it to 256 colors.. I borrowed some images from Instinct Magic Theatre to promote oldschool pre-windows movie maker awareness, as this is all we had cept for mario paint, and that's snes. Bridging the gap, if you have some good backdrops throw em here, I'd just like to see some more as the backdrops in knp are soooo great but so limited. I could only make a library by putting all the stuff i want on frame one and you can too, and I will too. Let's expand on the library. Put something in for the ug, expand the defaults as we have a lot but not enough foundations to lay those characters and games on. Remix the old ones? That's cool too. I like the originals. I'll throw more up though... But for now I gotta focus on these ugg boots.

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