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Skateboard Down the Side of a Skyscraper: Actually Possible reMIX


[I was rummaging around on my old computer and found a couple old Klik and Play games! They probably won't work on modern computers!]

I... kinda don't know what this is? I mean, other than having a great title. Contrary to its highly descriptive name, I'm not sure it's possible to complete this! I tried like eight times! It's a sideways platformer that uses a .WAV quote from Con-Air and an Actraiser .MIDI so it's definitely something I made and chose not to upload here. Probably because it was too difficult...

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Skate8 (For Stranger)


"I would like to be able to deface things. Either with spray paint, or stickos, replacing props with my own, or some other way to fuck shit up and make things dope. I also like to go fast and jump far."

Sorry it's late.

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Mr Babbo: Baboon Crime Fighter 2012



Click the link above for everything you need to know about Mr Babbo, or download and play immediately and don't pay attention to words on your screen.

Actually how about I give you more details about what went into this:

This is easily my largest game yet, and one of the biggest projects I've finished. I've learned a lot on the way, and had much fun! I hope you all enjoy!! Or at least some of you. A lot of time, effort, and tears (maybe) has gone into it, and I think everything I've made for it reflects a lot of myself. Think of that what you will.

And before you ask: the gif above, sadly, does not reflect the actual game strongly. I just put that together for fun.

If you are interested in working with the source and/or peeking at the secrets like the bad player you are, keep in mind that this was edited for release in The Games Factory 1, which isn't as easy to get as Klik'N'Play. I have no idea how backwards compatible this version would be in KNP, and I do know a couple changes I've made would mess it up in KNP a little. As such I've uploaded the slightly older KNP files, which you can nab here. One of the frames in this version crashes sometimes and I have not been able to fix this within KNP, sorry about that.

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Passage 18: Jason Rohrer's Pro Skater: PHYSIX


Now powered by physics, the Passage series is back with a spine-tingling new installment! THRILL as your low-resolution avatar converts a golf course into a skate park and skates with the power of his own mind! Grind rails! Go off sweet ramps! Ram golf balls into holes! GRIND ON YOUR OWN HEAD. Anything is possible in Passage 18. ANYTHING. And yes, that is a legally binding statement.

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Tonny Hawk's Skate Boring Avdenture


It's a game about skateboarding and stuff. You play as Tonny Hawk. The goal is to save skateboarding or something.
CONTROLS: arrow keys to move, shift to jump, escape to quit the game, space to get past the title screen, and backspace to restart.

Music by Safety-Based Rope (you can find his musics on soundcloud), DrMustardDDSMDPhD/WBojangles as his username on this website, and Scott Joplin's Great Crush Collision March for the title screen.
Graphics from whatever I could find on Google Images in five seconds.

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Cat Adventure


cat adventure

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Pirate Kart 2
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