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Dingos and Dungeons Game Night - for mno!


It's Christmas Eve, and that means board game night. One of your friends has brought over a weird game he got while he was studying abroad. None of you have heard of it, but it seems promising?

The back of the box reads:

"BEHOLD, adventurers! A quest like none other! Explore an Australian Outback ruled by mysterious characters and enchanted by magicks arcane such as GATORMANCY, SHIVINATION, and MATH. Lead your heroes through dozens of unique challenges using the unique CARDSTAT system, guaranteeing that no two games will be alike (unlimited* replay value)! Each space offers a new adventure. Will you fist-fight a KANGAROO? Eat a bunch of JAM? Hack the OUTBACK DARKNET? And, at the end of the day, will you adventure competently enough to reach the coveted G'Day Grotto, complete the trials, and retrieve the G'Day Goblet? The choice is YOURS, hero!

This revised edition includes the acclaimed "GOLD COAST OF DEATH" expansion, featuring an in-depth Artifact system.
An RPG from your friends at Reverse Flush Games."

* Might last you 4, maybe 5 games.

Merry Klikmas, mno/Nikki! I hope this game brings you some holiday joy and I wish you all the best in the coming year! :D

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An event (for mno)


Happy Christmas mno!
I tried to put in this game everything you asked for.

If you want the constant quiet noisy dirty sound to be LOUD, push up your speakers' volume.
You get 360° rotations instead of 180° rotations, I thought it would be fine.
The game seems to run fine even on older computers it's still resource-consuming let me know if you have trouble running it!

And most of it, happy christmas !

Controls : arrows & space

PS : you can't use the golden bubble gum in the game, so just keep it like the most awesome permanent GOTY golden bubble gum award you deserve for your work.

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Mutt Hoss


Click the LINK

In Mutt Hoss, you are this hoss that is a mutt, I have overhyped this game, more... "information" in hte help document thing under help, i guess? made in thegamesfactory. The link as opposed to the downloadable version features a track through the whole thing, and more is written up in that version. I'm not gonna do a separate update for the newgrounds edition since they're so close to eachother and I didn't have to work TOO hard to get it newgroundsin..

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