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WARNING: Though this game does not contain any gore, blood, or nudity there are some some extreme themes of violence and sex.

This is a fictionalized representation of The Battle of Puebla between the French and Mexico.

James is the horse described on the title screen.

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An event
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F#cking Carnivore: Long Night on Meat Highway, no Cop Cars to be Found, my Friend.

852 This isnt in the game sorry everyone.JPG



Twine Game made in tired haze.

Drug content, vaguely sexual in concept.

Gonzo Twine.

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An event

Spider Courtship Simulator

Spider Courtship Simulator.png

A spider sex game. Inspired by real spider behaviour.

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An event
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Chick Sexing


Realistic chick sexing game program. Determine a chick's gender through subtle visual cues. Almost as exciting as the real thing! Yes.

If you are having trouble, try watching the short documentary video about real life chick sexing. you can learn the technique from there.
hint: technique is at 3:14

Ben Esposito
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An event
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Don't let babies make more babies!


An epic trojan war to stop the mating of babies!

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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Survive Oregon Trail

oregon trail.JPG

Oh noes, all the cattle dun got eaten and you can't 'ford the river none! Yous must survival!

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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