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Donkey Kong's Revenge for danyburton Klikmas game


Merry Klikmas Danny Burton!
This is a visual novel where you play as Donkey Kong and try and plan a murder and get away with it.

***Sound is pretty important for many of the endings of this game****

***I tried to finish by the deadline and there are a million combos here so I couldn't play test them all, so if you find something is wrong or leads to the wrong place or you didn't say something it says you said or someone doesn't leave the screen or your jump doesn't happen (you get the idea) let me know and I will fix it!

Warnings: murder, violence, somewhat graphic images. Also references to: miscarriage, alcoholism, misogyny, and family death.

chrissy aka capt_haistings aka cmonster
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Donkey Kong City


Donkey Kong takes a nice stroll through the city.

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This Looks Familiar


Play through some original games that are totally not based on any other games.

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Pirate Kart 2
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