The Groceries


Viridian has to go buy the groceries,

but of course, there are some small inconveniences along the way...

estimated playtime: 15-20 minutes

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An event
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Decennial Hangout


A collab level between mothbeanie and Allison Fleischer.

The crew throw a party for their famous mission's 10th anniversary, and decide to play some VR games!
But Violet's held up, and Vermilion has some weird ideas...

Listen to the OST here!
Bandcamp: https://allisonfleischer.bandcamp.com/album/decennial-hangout
YouTube: https://youtu.be/B31eUxiZjww



1. Find your VVVVVV directory. On Windows this is probably "Documents/VVVVVV". A folder called "levels" should be here.

2. Place the "Decennial Hangout.vvvvvv" file in "VVVVVV/levels/".

3. Place the "graphics" and "sounds" folders and the "vvvvvvmusic.vvv" file in "VVVVVV/", NEXT TO "levels", not inside it.

4. If it's installed right, the title screen music and background should be different. Enjoy!

allison and mothbeanie
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An event

Verdigris Gets Gamed


I made this in pretty much an hour and a half. One swear word (c r a p !! ! ! !)

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An event

La Tradicional

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 5.44.12 PM.png

A "traditional" 5x5 level made with no Direct Mode, no internal scripting, and no custom assets, for the authentic 2011 taste. Made for the VVVVVV 10th anniversary event, although you probably already knew that.

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An event

viridian failure II


A short, silly 2014 VVVVVV animation I made in Flash when I was a young lad. Viridian tries to obtain the infamous Veni Vidi Vici trinket, but... they have a bit of trouble.

Stelpjo (Hejmstel)
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An event
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My first finished VVVVVV level. I hope it's as cool as the name!

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An event
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Traps R.J.


(credits to Coralbits for drawing the cover art!)

v0.9 - Nerfed Exam Passed.
v0.8 - Fixed misplaced out-of-bounds script boxes in Moment of Truth.
v0.7 - Initial release.

This is a troll level fashioned after Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 troll levels, complete with misdirection, deception, and anti-softlocks. Also you can get sent back to checkpoint 0 at any moment.

I recommend playing completely blind, i.e. not knowing anything about the level at all, no spoilers, no hints. I also request anyone playing to record themselves, preferably with a mic, so their reactions to trolls will be immortalized (and also it would be entertaining for me). But you don't have to, if you don't want to or can't.

Now for some preview screenshots:

And here is what the minimap looks like:

Info Teddy
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An event

Dimension SpiritLens


In which the VVVVVV-erse reaches the next level. Take control of the whole D.S.S. Souleye crew in this old-fashioned RPG from the creator of the Bracketed Trilogy - for once Viridian and company can actually fight back! Plus you can awaken Velocity Powers that can turn the tide of almost any battle.

V1.0: Original release
V1.1: Fixed a bug in the Windows version that prevented saving! Turns out, you should NEVER USE ENIGMA VIRTUAL BOX ON AN RPG MAKER MV GAME, despite what the latter's manual says.

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An event

Pineapple's Area


Platformeing game with 3 levels. Hard

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An event

VVVVVV: Moonfall


Alright, so I've decided to just post this as-is. The deadline's been stressing me out a little and I've kinda been losing steam on this anyway, so I threw together everything I had and hopefully this is a decent showing. Development of this started on the 21st, the day I learned about this jam.
Also, I haven't tested the Linux or Mac versions, but I'm sure they're fine. Anyway, to the point.

First off, this was made in Pico-8. If you've never heard of it, it's a "fantasy console", kind of like an emulator for a console that never existed. Specs wise I'd say it's somewhere between a Game Boy Color and an 80's home computer, with strict limits on cartridge space and LUA as its programming language.

This was originally going to be a lot more than this, actually, I'd go as far as to say it was overly ambitious. I love VVVVVV, it was the first indie game I ever played and I've beaten it several times. I really wanted to do it justice with a maybe fifteen minutes to half hour or so long tribute game with a story and everything. And I was on pace for doing that, but somewhere along the way it fell apart, and my subpar coding skills were probably part of that. That and how high I always aim in everything that I do. I tried my best to be reasonable too, deciding to totally leave out the tower early on because it'd be too much work, then eventually the story got cut, then another thing, then the next, and well here we are. And it doesn't help that a lot of the code I wrote was a mess.

This demo shows off Space Station 1, which while short, is mostly finished, complete with room titles referencing other things. Then you're dropped into the outskirts of the map to wander around and see a few more rooms showing off stuff I did such as several Pico-8 covers of songs from the original game, a few extra rooms, conveyor belts, flip lines, the other tilesets, and a Veni, Vidi, Vici knockoff I did early on for testing the spikes. The original plan was to have little mini representations like this of each level except the tower, but I just couldn't design levels as well with a due date floating over my head.

As for the title, it's from a dream I had a few months back, about a nonexistent sequel to VVVVVV called VVVVVV:Moonfall. The story would've tied into it, but I never got that far. I probably won't work more on this, but if I some day decide to come back to it and finish it up true to my vision, It'll be on the Lexaloffle BBS. My username there is Spaz48. I'll be posting this there as well, and if you go there you'll be able to dig through the code if you want.

Anyway, to wrap up this long ramble, Terry Cavanagh, if you read this, thank you. You've been an inspiration to me, and I hope you like my little somewhat failed attempt at a game. VVVVVV means quite a bit to me and I hope at least the thought and effort I put in serves as a good enough love letter to it.

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An event
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