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MUHAMMAD 6 The verwourren Brothers




Some years after the "big split", the event where Muhammad III and Gigigenn went into a seperate timeline to live a wonderful live without evil creatures, Muhammad III's son Muhammad IV finds a mysterious cave and tells his brother Muhammad V to follow him. In the cave, they find a mystical spirit that transforms Muhammad IV into an evil Muhammad. Now Muhammad V and his friend Monkey Muhammad go to find the mad Muhammad IV and make him good again.

-Finally there really are some changes in the Muhammad formula
-At least 1Powerup
-8 magical ancient Muhammad statues perfectly hidden throughout the adventure
-No more savestates!
-No more fun!
-Harder than Muhammad 4
-Harder than Muhammad 5
-Monkey Muhammad poops explosive eggs

Here are some quotes from Muhammad fans all over the world who didn't want the Muhammad series to stop:

Speedy Gonzales: I don't want the Muhammad series to stop because it is oh so very fine.
Bc_: How is eating in A badly named box, Supposed to endanger a dark-brown fox?

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For Bc_ : Rude Finger Gangsters


This game is for bc_, merry klikmas!

I played a little fast and loose with your requests, but I hope its still alright! You mentioned liking euro western more than great american western and i didn't know what that means so i watched "My Name Is Nobody" on netflix and I still don't know but anyway i set the game in a desert with lots and lots (and lots) of cacti. You play as a feller with a rude finger that you can use to poke the villains that surround you. It's got klipart villains and it uses cooltext.com to generate the dialog reactions. a little mno guy will follow you around as well. i used some artistic license on him but i used your drawings so i hope that all works out. oh and there's an explosino when you beat the boss. Oh! and that music you linked. it's made in unity so i can't post the events per se but the source is here if you want it.

controls: WASD to move
mouse to point
shift to sprint
you can beat the banditos by rude fingering them

also make sure you're connected to the internet because it downloads the cooltext in real time

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