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Barbara Kwest 2012


For the weekend of Pirate Kart V I set out to make a sequel to Barbara Kwest with Barbara herself. I wound up doing most of the work, but she contributed a number of the hiding places.

In recent years, Barbara has moved onto playing hidden object games more than adventure games, so that's the genre this time. I'm a little dismayed by the change, but she found herself needing to resort to walkthroughs more and more to play the increasingly obscure adventure games I was digging up... since she's happy with the change I guess I should just be happy too.

Compiled in TGF, so it's playable on 64-bit Windows!

Sergio Cornaga & Barbara Hill
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An event
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Barbara Kwest


Barbara Kwest is a game I made for (and loosely about) my grandmother, an avid player of point ant click adventure games. I made most of it at her house one day when I was around 12. I rediscovered the game at age 14, tacked an ending on, compiled it and showed it to her. It was well received.

I rediscovered it again earlier this year; both the source and executable have miraculously survived her multiple computer changes over the last decade. It is a deeply personal game filled with extremely stupid jokes, awful spelling and some references only I would get (that's right, not even her). It is a game I never intended to see proper release. Perfect for the Pirate Kart, then?

Sergio Cornaga
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roll baby


oh what a broken game. knock over the obstacles. collect the fruits and vegetables. roll the baby.

left and right arrow to influence the baby's rolling
up is supposed to be a jump button, but if you're next a wall and you tap it repeatedly you can sort of climb

music is armadillo by yubatake

thanks + enjoy

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Bring it Onslaught


Fend them off!


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Pirate Kart 2
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