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Mystery of the TURN (for marbles-box)


Mystery of the TURN

Espurr awakes in a mysterious world...


Controls -

WASD/Arrows - move

X - somethin
C - somethin?
esc - bring up menu

Credits at the end - can type credits later here
extra thanks to Bagenzo for finding linux problems

Enjoy the game, everyone! Merry Chistmas!

I cant upload mac version its too big sorry steve job

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apunkny sampler


aka “bc”, a downloadable experience, the apunkny sampler to “bc”

WASD / arrow keys – MOVE
E – Interact
Escape / Enter – Menus
F4 / alt + enter - fullscreen

If the app says it is damaged, it is not! Please Ctrl + Click (right click) the app and click on ‘Open’. If it continues to complain, please keep trying to ‘Open’ until it stops complaining. You can also go into System Preferences > Security and Privacy > and allow the app to open // allow apps from unrecognized developers. This happens because the app is not properly codesigned.

You need LÖVE to play:


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I Brought the Apple

Screenshot from 2019-11-20 21-00-37.png

This is my contribution to the potluck party 2019!! and also my first time using flickgame!
All I have brought is this apple
It's preferred to play through the link because of the aminamations

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The Citadel

2018-03-11 21_57_36-the citadel.png

Welcome to The Citadel. We have many enjoyable recreational activities for you here. Please enjoy your stay.

Some Arrow Keys to move about.
A Mouse Button Oriented To The Left for the purpose of clicking some buttons.

This is a collaboration between me (Avery) and a good friend of mine (Wildcard). I introduced them to the wonders of KnP earlier last year and every single thing that came out from them experimenting was so amazing that I saw it urgent that we collaborated on creating a game together. A few months later and a bit of procrastinating later, and the result is this. This is easily the best thing I've ever helped create and it was a ton of fun doing it. I hope you love it just as much as I do.

wildcard and avery
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Spuktro: Escape from the Haunted Coffee Shop


Silly little game, cheap scares, not much to see.

Space bar or left mouse click to start, arrow keys to move.

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The House

The House.png

The silly, single player "4x" game set in a house!

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Cyber Santa vs. Secret Satan


Secret Satan must mess up the chistmas gifts that are placed in all buildings. However Santa left his Cyber Santa minion to prevent any mischief.

Arrows to move, space bar to start game and advance game over and victory screens.

Press up in front of a door to enter a building.

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Grave Robbery


Life as a grave robber isn't easy in halloween land. Dig all graves and collect all the money to win...

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Spambot roams the internet wastelands until a chance meeting occurs.

UPDATED VERSION: now with two different enemy types and sound...

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Twitter's Branding Strategy


Twitter did a thing that annoyed me ( so I made a game about it.
Use the mouse to control Twitter’s Branding Standards Weapon and destroy all symbols that fail to accurately uphold Twitter’s all-important branding values.

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