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Yong Yong's Revenge


Yong Yong's Revenge!

First off, what is Yong Yong?

"Yong Yong is believed to be the name of a pirate developer that has developed numerous games for portable Nintendo systems, namely the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Their games are notorious for being of particularly poor quality, particularly the music, even when compared to other pirate games, as well as most of them being strikingly similar in design and gameplay." - BootlegGames Wiki

This is a spoof of their terrible games, so watch out! It sucks!

This was a very long project (Started on the 'PGC Forums') and took over a year to complete, because I suck at making games. :P


Plot: RobGBA finds the rarest pirated game known on eBay, and gives a HUGE bid! Later on that week, it arrives, and oh boy, it was the worst game ever, worser then Sonic 06! Even WORSE then bloody ET for the 2600!

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