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Nintendo Nightmare

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Content warning: this game contains many slurs, and disrespectful stereotypes.

A magnificent adventure in which Dario fights the evils of Jill gates accompanied by all his friends!
Was created a decade ago, reuploaded on Glorious Trainwrecks for posterity.

The story begins with an unexplained Alien Invasion, with Princess Peach being (of course) kidnapped. After escaping the initial onslaught, Mario discovers that it was not Bowser behind the attack, but Microsoft. Mario is then told that, to put a stop to Microsoft's schemes, he needs to obtain documents containing data on classic Nintendo games.

This game is hard, don't hesitate to use F5/F6 to save/load your game state!

Adrien Dittrick (supmaster004)
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This is a short game I made on 30.04.2019, but didn't upload it because I felt it was stupid. Well, it is, but who cares?
I'm fairly sure I was in a bad mood while making it.
I'm not sure if the trash eater was supposed to be me.
I kind of am a trash eater though.

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Mega Mountain 2100


Mega Mountain 2100 is a "climbing platformer metroidvania" without an ability to jump that's an unofficial sequel to the Glorious Trainwrecks classic Mega Mountain.

It's heavily inspired by indie classics like Cave Story, Undertale and Mega Mountain.

The game isn't finished yet. The game *.exe and the page are placeholders and everything can change at any time.

- not too much, it's a demo.

(C) 2017 Adrian Makes Games. Original Mega Mountain by sylvie. Made with love.

Adrian Makes Games
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Yong Yong's Revenge


Yong Yong's Revenge!

First off, what is Yong Yong?

"Yong Yong is believed to be the name of a pirate developer that has developed numerous games for portable Nintendo systems, namely the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Their games are notorious for being of particularly poor quality, particularly the music, even when compared to other pirate games, as well as most of them being strikingly similar in design and gameplay." - BootlegGames Wiki

This is a spoof of their terrible games, so watch out! It sucks!

This was a very long project (Started on the 'PGC Forums') and took over a year to complete, because I suck at making games. :P


Plot: RobGBA finds the rarest pirated game known on eBay, and gives a HUGE bid! Later on that week, it arrives, and oh boy, it was the worst game ever, worser then Sonic 06! Even WORSE then bloody ET for the 2600!

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An event
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