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For this year's Global Game Jam I worked with Matthew Gatland and Elliot Hayward to create a less sinful version of flickgame, with strict rules inspired by religious law and manifestos such as Dogme 95. I suspected it might go down well here, especially with people already familiar with flickgame, since we didn't put much effort into explaining the original interface. Check it out, and fill the gallery with your anonymous creations.

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Alpha Duck 5100: A Portrait of Perfection


Again, I thought the Global Game Jam project I worked on this year might appeal to a few folks here, seeing as it's a tough-as-nails ARG supplemented with shockingly badly acted FMV-inspired movie sequences that make me cringe. Check it out, and don't hesitate to ask for hints as you will likely need them.

OK, back to work on my Sekret Santa game.

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#heartBEATbox 5: Heart of the City


I figured folks here might appreciate the game I worked on for Global Game Jam this year, seeing as it's a microphone-powered rap battle simulator set in NegaTokyo in the year 20FF. It's pretty short. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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