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Chocolate Trampoline Invaders


Aliens are attacking the Earth! The government has commissioned NASA to get rid of the invaders, having found out their only weakness is their diabetes. Sadly, with their limited budget, the best they could come up with was a huge ball of chocolate and a trampoline.

Use the mouse to control the trampoline, hold the left button to hold the ball down to release it higher.

Clear all aliens for an extra life!

(Made for the event but I missed the deadline on that since my ISP decided I probably didn't need an internet connection for the whole weekend)

Made For: 
An event

Romantic Ping Pong Experts


Skunk unrelated but as a screenshot, you play the role of a pacemaking rooster who must bring love and romance back by, by playing ping pong. Not in the traditional manner of course, and no klipart has been used in this release. Anyway, expect some annoying gameplay, and if you don't want to get bpm to 120 you can always press = to go to the next frame and backspace for previous frame.

More info on the plot in the Help/About section in the executable, the sir who did a wonderful job on the soundtrack, I'd like your e-mail so I can thank you in person. Pseudocold by Adhesion. Game completed in a day.

Made For: 
Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5 (Mar 2010)
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