Boulderdash clone made using 100% MegaZeux builtins.

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Diner Date


You have asked a hot girl out on a date at denny's. you order a bottomless coffee and infinite pancakes, but little do you know that your endless food is matched only by your endless lonliness as your date does not appear. play as the subconscious and hand of this trapped soul as you explore the deep and complex richness of a tormented artist's mind.

featuring proto-ironic hi-fi retro soundtrack by synthetic semisonic surrogate B

Marek Kapolka
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Cave Story:Klik Edition

Cave Screenshot.PNG

This is a spoof of Cave Story made in Klik and Play.
Don't get me wrong,I LOVE Cave story,but I felt to make a parody anyways.

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The Pseudologue of Persia


A once-captured Prince narrates the tale of his heroic escape to a Princess.

Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
The Idle Thumbs Podcast

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The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis - Special IGF Demo


The full version is out!!

A demo of The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis. Complete up to the end of the first level.

Click on things.
Can't skip dialogue.

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The Trail 2: Vector Trail


Why *does* Vector wear headphones all the time?

Arrow keys: Move
Shift: Run
Do nothing: Pick up flowers

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Yie-Ar Klik Fu 3: ElEkTrIk KuNgAlOo



-Twenty-one action filled battles!
-A thunderous midi soundtrack!
-A honest to god SHITTY brainfart impro dialogue because I only assed to write a small part of it.
-You making disgruntled facial expressions at the aforementioned dialogue!
-Fun times!
-Hope that it becomes funnier over time like all of my joke shit.

After nearly six months of on-and-ridiculously-off development,
I've finally finished something I didn't think I would.

It was all supposed to go down with that last joke game,
but it turns out that I still needed to be taught a lesson.
Get out there and finish the fight!! THIS IS THE LAST TIME!!!!

This was supposed to push the limits of KNP to the maximum with absolutely ludicrous
battle mechanics, unlike Kung Fu 2, which was pretty much about dodging flying shit
and mashing the attack button. I tried to go there, but neither of us couldn't handle it.
Instead what I have now is practically the same with more shit.
And the fucking thing still rules.

What are you waiting for?!

Overall, I learned some:
Mental Shenanigans
Drawing Consistency, so it's not really all a waste no matter what.

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Rise of the Triad


I stumbled around my midi folder looking for inspiration and pooped this one out faster than a speeding bullet.

Play the games before the triad rises.

Shift jumps.
Control shoots.
Space runs.

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Some people just aren't prepared for the call to adventure.

Arrows to do nothing
Z, X or space to do nothing
Mouse click to grab bricks, dollars or people.
You can only drag things for a limited time!

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