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legit now whoo hoo

Sup trainwreckers!!!

I finally went legit. I don't work for the man anymore, I'm freelancing full time now yaaaaaay. I design wordpress templates for my friends that are complete noobs to web publishing, publish books and comix, transcribe audio files, and crank out video games. Not bad for a Jill of All Trades :D

My laptop died so I bought the same model from a friend and had to upgrade the hard drive and OS, so whooo hooo, I'm in business. 500GB and Win7 wheeee!

I wish Win7 wouldn't be so finicky and let me noodle around with Klik and Play.

Clickteam sent an email yesterday about Multimedia Fusion 2.5 dev version and if I were to buy that and all the modules and go legit, it'll be nearly $1000. WHAT

I use App Game Kit to make android apps, but it's not fun, it's a freaking headache.

When I want to quell the urge to break my laptop, I go to my room, fire up the ol' Win 3.1 machine and play with KNP/TGF.

I miss those old days.

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Nearly there

I'm still mucking around with AGK. I got some of the files I need to test it on after a bit of digging, and having to update other files. I'm running out of room again on my computer, but a few deletes and some backups will free space.

About to go home, eat dinner, then code and see if my games compile for Android, and then I'm in business.

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Wot I'm doin.... Upgraded (yay) and going legit

I got a new Android tablet from my sis so I can finally shut up about not having a real device to program on... kinda. I did have an Entourage Pocket Edge but that was too quirky to program on and no one uses Android 1.6--except me.

I'm too stuck on BASIC and I wish QB64 ran on Android. QuickBasic... wheeee, fun times. Then Visual Basic, ugh, nightmares....I have to dust off my HTML knowledge cos I haven't hard coded any HTML since HTML 3. I know, I'm ancient as hell :P I want to learn HTML5 and Java so I can make some online games... I wish I could just hammer out something in TGF, use Vitalize and be done with it, but I got to learn Flash... don't have to, but it's an option. All those braces scare me. I have nightmares of missing closing braces.

If only I could use KNP/TGF on this android tablet and go nuts. I'd crank out half finished games again, haha!

I was messing around with TGF2 Newgrounds version and was trying to decompile and hack the game I made, but after 2 days of eye bleeding code reading and brute force, I'm like forget it, I just need to write some PC games and sell em so I can go legit and buy the damn thing. I want to make a living making games so why not? I have a copy of DarkBasic. I should do something with it, right? I tried using AGK but damn it, it broke my machine. I couldn't get it compile for Android at all (and AGK is just like DarkBasic in syntax. The programmers swapped pararetheses for brackets, sneaky programmers.)

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