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What is a video game?


'What is a video game?' is a prediction of what future game developers will accept as videogames (well at least the games as art movement). It's about showing you SOME of the steps or movements in game development that developers in the future will work towards and pass.

Ultimately it's about showing how fundemental elements of what we
think a videogame needs COULD be broken down

I was working on this for some time and stopped around 2 months ago.
All that was really left was to finish off the last section of the context/commentary and pretty all of it up by putting it in a pdf and making it easier to read but I've lost my motivation to finish that off right now. So in the future I may do it but just in case I dont I am uploading it now.

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Olson's Journey 3


Where has Olson been? We don't know, except we do.
He was in an elevator, going up up up.
Was that his destination? I highly doubt it.

-Incredibly small game file
-Animations that blend in perfectly
-Men who are in the way
-Bus stop deprivation
-7 out of 4 people say it's good
-Olson is a wonderful fellow

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Hangman SE (Special Edition) [or: The Hanging Man - A Game Worth Playing]


Zoom! Enhance!

Made in Visual Basic 2012 6.0. Windows only, unless you're a magician!! :)

2018 Extra Notes: Not much to add here. T'was a mandatory part of the college course I was on at the time to make this and somehow I managed to convince my tutor to let this pass, since it technically met all the requirements. Never said it had to look good, y'know~ Anyway this is pretty much just one joke and it's not that great. I never touched Visual Basic again after this.

KevinTech Gaming
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Continarian Hills


You find yourself trapped in another world.
Vast landscapes. The Continarian Hills are your salvation.
Seek the path, seek the path.
Solve the math, seven two eight nine

-Amazing continuation to 'Erizonian Hills'
-Has an elevator
-That works most of the time
-Be careful
-Find secrets
-'Absolutely stunning' - Jennifer Lopez
-'Better than Dear Esther I guess' - Prolific manual labourer

WhOeVeR fInDs ThE tWo SeCrEtS gEtS a FrEe PiCtUrE oF a SkIn CaRe PrOdUcT(Muhammad isn't one of them)

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