the evil jewel

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All Hail The Beetle - Don't Jostle That Jewel!


A small game that allows you to test your skills as a master burglar.

Another experiment in mouse control, or lack thereof, the idea is to pick up your computer's mouse and then put it back down without causing the beetle to move. If you fail, an alarm sounds, the screen shakes and a counter depletes until you put the beetle back where it belongs.

Apologies in advance for the "flavor" of this one being a little bare-bones.

Typing this sentence so I can have a line that doesn't begin with the letter A.

Also (argh!) I've included the source but it contains very few comments!

Scroungin' 4 Catsup
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The Evil Jewel


The first game made for the Evil\Strange\Weird Artifacts! Woo-hoo!

Anyway you play as a jewel that's cursed and you run around killing people.

took me about 5 minutes to make, my shortest time for making a game.

hope you enjoy it.

Reha Soft
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An event
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