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Here's a Doom WAD I made one day in 2013 and then abandoned for almost exactly 6 years. The other day I remembered it existed, dug it out of a dusty old backup of a long-dead laptop, and cleaned it up a bit.

LUMBERJACK.WAD: You are in an open space filled with trees. Somewhere there is a chainsaw. You can use it to cut the trees down.
TREEPUNCHER.WAD: Inspired by an earlier, buggy version of the same level, it's basically the same except you can also destroy trees by punching them.

Requires a ZDoom-compatible source port (such as gzdoom) and DOOM2.WAD as a base. (I used zdoom to develop it originally, because it was 2013.) It'll also work with Freedoom Phase 2 but it just doesn't feel the same.

I feel like it's appropriate to submit to The Great Resurrection Game Jam more than a year late?

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Valletta's DooM Nightmare


I once knew about DooM and i made this one back during the spring of 2014 while i was gone of Glorious Trainwrecks, this time a parody .wad and it has hard levels, full of suprises, other stuff you might not know and for the first time on Glorious Trainwrecks...CUSTOM SPRITES, CUSTOM ENEMIES AND BOSSES, AND CUSTOM SHITTTTTTTTTT!!!!! This wad might not work in DOSBox and you might need Zandronum or just ZDoom (it's not tested on this) because this wad is full of custom stuff. Some friend of mine gave me rude reviews and i had to not support this anymore, until i decided to post it in Glorious Trainwreck, considering one of my memorable stuff i ever made.

The story so far (as told in the title screen's instructions replacement gfx):
one day someone named VALLETTA was playing horror games all the time, 3 hours later, he was tired to play these games so he went to bed, sleeping on his comfortable bed during at 1:50 P.M., he started dreaming, a really strange, weirdest, crappiest, heckiest, and sh**ty dream, all it has started as weird people walking around the streets, then several weird creatures appear and start fuckin up the world, then everything got bizzarre, aswell this ain't very good, VALLETTA has to try escaping the dream, but where he will end his dream?

WARNING: This wad might contain ear-rape sounds as this is a traumatic parody and might contain some suprises (and creepy sometimes in the halfway), and sometimes it can be hard to complete the rest of the game, play at your own risk, you might don't even bother asking help, because i don't even still update this wad anymore.

i don't want to keep putting my name in this field anymore
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Barrels 'o Doom (Doom WAD)

I feel weird for having to revive this event, but I think it's the most appropriate place to post a Doom WAD. Inspired by Doom II's map23: Barrels 'o Fun, this is my map01's replacement: Barrels 'o Doom. The architeture itself isn't that beautiful, but it has lots and lots and lots and lots and lots 'o barrels. Try playing this with Brutal Doom for maximum fun if your machine is capable of handling all the fuzz.

Also, I made a tiny little MIDI track to fit the map's mood: CHAOS and destruction.

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DoomGuy without a cause


where have the weapons gone
where have the demons gone
where have the maps gone
where has my life gone

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