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The Super Mozart Adventure

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WARNING: I have posted the mirror to the game link because i have slow internet, don't kill me for that plz.

Finally, the game has arrived, with awesome features like:

: Over 60+ cutscenes!
: Over 300+ frames made!
: Improvered gameplay!
: A crossover!
: Long storyline!
: Spoofs!
: Inspiring SHPDMBGWL4 (kinda) and Black Squirrel!

Guide Mozart in a world of randomness and a nonsense adventure, with characters seen in the Klik n Play series and even the other games made with the clickteam games, minigames, best moments, friends to save, etc.

Version 1.2 adds the following features:
-Easier versions of: Level 4-3, Level 8-2, Level 8-3, Level 9-1, Level 14-1, Level 14-3, Level 15, Level 16-1, Level 16-2, Level 16-3
-Removed Mode 7 Ex object to make the lag gone.

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