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5 Fantasy Kingdoms


(NOTE: REQUIRES MY GAME KATELABS TO RUN: https://thewaether.itch.io/katelabs)

I made a few fantasy kingdoms in katelabs to scratch an itch. sometimes you've just gotta make a bunch of cool stuff with names like "HAMMERFORGE" sometimes. you know what I mean? You know what I mean?

There are FIVE fantasy kingdoms all fit into neat squares, inspired heavily by second life's "FANTASY FAIRE" (https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/) of which I was an atendee.

I don't want to spoil what's in here cause I think it's all about discovery. You will recieve a folder with 5 world files. Each one has a name... Some contain information and lore about those worlds. Others don't, and leave it up to your imagination.
When done, take in a gig by MY BAND: POISONED KNIVES OF THE SATYRS, to wrap your journey up

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Someone I know who loves Jheronimus Bosch, who I used to be very close to, became a crust punk recently and is going to live in New Orleans; don't do drugs, stay in school; here's an abstract 1-5 player competitive game.

Jheronimus Bosch
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gun knife sword wife

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rated M for real being real edgy

the grim reaper himself
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MUHAMMAD 5 The verwourren TimeSpaceDoor


The decades of suffering are over! Muhammad 5 is finally released worldwide!
Because at least 0.3 people played Muhammad 1-4, the wonderful and epic finale to the Muhammad pentalogy is finally released worldwide!
You wanted it so it is finally released worldwide!

The Timespacedoor has been opened!
Muhammad III woke up in old Berulohr caves 40 years after his adventure in Muhammad 4 and received the task to find Muhammad I, Muhammad I the King, and Muhammad II in order to defeat the evil Sak, a mysterious new villain who opened the timespacedoor to destroy the past and make him the king of the world.

What an awful plan.

Now all the Muhammads are on a magical journey through time and space to defeat Sak and make the world happy again.

-Bigger and better than every other game
-more than 274897432974092749027490724720947920³ Levels
-not as hard as Muhammad 4
-Finally released worldwide!
-Not Professor EagleEye
-Better story than Inception
-Better story than Bionicle

Play it.

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